Your mistake makes tea not good for health.

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      Tea is really a healthy drink. In fact, there are many health benefits of drinking black and even green tea regularly.

* Here are the mistakes when drinking tea to avoid.

1. Adding too much sugar.

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Whether it’s a block of sugar or a drop of your favorite honey, sugar is sugar.

However, if you add too many sweets to your cup, your tea can easily go from healthy to unhealthy quickly. The best way to enjoy your tea is to drink it alone.

2. Excessive use of artificial sweeteners.

But what about artificial sweeteners? If you still crave something sweet in your tea, but don’t want all those calories, then using a zero-calorie sweetener alternative seems to be the answer. But is it safe?

While artificial sweeteners have come under scrutiny for years, researchers have yet to determine a link between artificial sweeteners and any type of health risk. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that you still limit your intake of artificial sweeteners, but if you need something sweet, it’s still an alternative you can use. use.

However, it’s important to note that you can have too much of the good stuff, and these artificial sweeteners are all limited.

3. Add too much cream.

Cream or milk is another common additive to a cup of tea.

4. Drink tea from the bottle.

While there are a number of healthy bottled teas on the grocery store shelves, most of the time those iced tea bottles end up in the sugar. If you’re going to enjoy a refreshing iced tea from the store, be sure to check the nutrition label so you don’t overdo the sugar intake per sip.

5. Soak tea for too long.

When you sip a cup of tea (about 240 milliliters), the average amount of caffeine you’ll get ranges from 20 to 40 milligrams (compared to a cup of coffee, which has about 100 milligrams).

However, if you’re not careful with how long your tea is steeped, the amount of caffeine in your cup can add up dramatically!

If you are planning to cut back on caffeine to ensure your health, make sure you steep the tea time so you don’t overdo it. In addition, the shorter the steeping time, the less bitter the tea will be.

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