What’s different about beauty during pregnancy?

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       Women are women. Therefore, beauty is an indispensable need of every woman of all ages.

However, there is a special period in which the appearance of women changes dramatically, the usual beauty steps sometimes cannot be applied anymore. That’s when you’re pregnant.

* How does skin change during pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, areas of a woman’s body become more enlarged, leading to stretch marks. The skin becomes drier or more oily, with many areas of the skin that may be opposite in color.

During this period, the skin often becomes sensitive and easily damaged by external agents, so the cosmetics used to care for the body must also be selected very carefully. Compounds contained in cosmetic chemicals (mercury, salicylic acid …) are harmful to the health of both mother and fetus, can penetrate into the body’s organs when you rub cream or spray perfume, brush nails, feet…

* How does hair change during pregnancy?

30-50% of women may lose more hair than usual during pregnancy. Hair loss can occur from the first 1-5 months of pregnancy and can also persist into the postpartum period. This phenomenon is completely normal. Hair loss during pregnancy can be caused by many reasons: hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, vitamin deficiency or scalp anemia…

During pregnancy, increased levels of estrogen have an impact on hair. Estrogen promotes metabolism, disturbs the scalp environment, hair follicles can degenerate and cause hair loss. Besides, an unbalanced diet in the first months of pregnancy is also a cause of hair loss. Psychological factors are also one of the causes: anxiety, stress can make pregnant women lose more hair.

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