What happens when you eat ginger?

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       As an ingredient in soups, stews, marinades, and side dishes, ginger has long been used to improve the health ingredient of dishes.

And, for hundreds of years, it has been used as a healing agent in folk medicine.

Here’s what really happens to your body when you eat ginger or drink ginger tea, according to Eat This, Not That!

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1. Reduce inflammation and pain.

Speaking of medicinal uses, ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory root that has been used for hundreds of years. So, if your body feels uncomfortable, you can try ginger.
“Whether taken as a tea, a strong tincture or as an ingredient in recipes, ginger lowers the level of prostaglandins in the body, leading to reduced inflammation,” says Ge.

2. Can lose weight.

If you are looking to lose weight, consider adopting this method. Weight loss coach Stephanie Mansour says studies have proven ginger’s ability to reduce body weight as well as insulin levels.

Her best recommendation for those who might not like the bold flavors is to blend fresh ground ginger into a smoothie. Or, you can also take a supplement for a similar effect.

3. Can fight menstrual cramps.

Anyone with uncomfortable and debilitating menstrual cramps that can relieve these symptoms is worth a try. And ginger, says Ge, is an effective solution.

4. Improve your digestive system.

Although small, ginger is very powerful and contains compounds that help stimulate and improve digestion, according to Ge. In fact, it can help ease the problematic symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, and morning sickness.

5.Strengthen your immune system.

When you were sick as a child, did your mother pour you a hot cup of lemon tea with ginger? If so, she probably already knows about ginger’s immune-boosting properties.

6. May release gas.

Gas trapped in our stomach is uncomfortable and can cause bloating, chewing ginger or taking ginger supplements can reduce bloating. This is because ginger helps to empty your stomach quickly, allowing you to digest food smoothly.

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