What causes insomnia? Consequences of frequent sleep deprivation.

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        With the modern pace of life today, insomnia is very common in all ages. Prolonged lack of sleep can cause a number of dangerous diseases for the body. So what causes insomnia? We invite you to refer to the following shares.

Insomnia is a condition that many people face nowadays. Due to the pressure from daily work leads to stress causing insomnia. Long-term sleep loss has serious effects on our body’s health. It causes serious diseases for you. So what causes insomnia? Long Chau Pharmacy invites you to refer to the information shared below.

* Insomnia causes diabetes.

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According to research experts, people who often lose sleep are more likely to develop diabetes. People with insomnia tolerate lower glucose levels than those who get enough sleep. The researchers say that sleep is strongly linked to insulin resistance. Lack of sleep causes a decrease in the metabolism of glucose in the body. Lack of sleep will make the body unable to balance the hormones that help control sugar levels in the body, from which sleep loss causes high blood sugar.

* Insomnia causes high blood pressure.

According to experts, not sleeping deeply and not getting enough sleep will increase the risk of high blood pressure by up to 80%. Researchers measured people’s sleep quality through brain waves and concluded that people with enough and quality sleep will not affect cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure. People with sleep disorders can cause apnea and high blood pressure. They concluded that sleep is closely linked to blood pressure in the body

* Insomnia causes memory loss.

Most people with insomnia have memory loss. Because when you don’t get enough sleep, your brain will be inactive and the memory of the brain’s information will also be affected. Proteins in the brain are produced while we sleep.

Without sleep, the proteins in the brain will not be produced and without these proteins, you will not be able to stay awake and focus on work. People with memory loss often have short nights or sleep at night. Getting enough sleep improves your health and helps your brain function better.

* Insomnia causes hair loss.

When you are stressed, fatigue will make you lose sleep, when your insomnia lasts for a long time often causes dangerous diseases and causes hair loss. Insomnia will weaken the body’s immune system, making your body weak and leading to the body’s inability to provide nutrients to nourish hair, causing hair loss. The cause of your insomnia may be due to influences from the external environment such as: work pressure, blue light of electronic devices, stimulants, … you should sleep for 8 hours a day to ensure for your own health to avoid hair loss.

* Insomnia will weaken the body’s immune system.

The immune system helps our body fight diseases. It acts as a barrier to protect our body from viruses entering the body to help our body stay healthy. Proteins will be produced while you sleep, so when you are sleep deprived, your body will not be able to produce proteins to maintain the immune system.

Antibodies will decrease if sleep deprivation persists and then our body will be more susceptible to disease because there is no immune system to protect the body. You need to improve your sleep to maintain a healthy immune system to protect your body against diseases.

* Insomnia causes headaches and dizziness.

When you lose sleep, you will feel dizzy and lightheaded. Headaches due to insomnia can be caused by physiological phenomena that can also have causes of chronic diseases. People who do not sleep well, not enough sleep will cause headaches. Because your body does not have a rest to regenerate the lost energy, it cannot help the body recover after hard work, so it leads to your brain having to work overload and the nerves. The brain is always in a state of stress that causes headaches. In addition, the phenomenon of headaches caused by insomnia is also a symptom of chronic diseases, when prolonged insomnia is accompanied by headaches, you need to see a doctor for examination and treatment.

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