Ways to help improve memory effectively.

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       Have you ever had a situation where you were about to do something but suddenly forgot and tried to remember but couldn’t remember? often forget to take out the car keys, house keys, sometimes even forget the important jobs that need to be completed urgently.

You think you are old even though you are only 18 or 20 years old, in some cases people will see how lovely you are. But it’s dangerous if you let that situation persist, becoming more and more serious without finding solutions to improve your memory.

Some recent statistical studies show an alarming fact that about 85% of young people under the age of 50 have at least one problem with poor memory, including 20-30% in people under 30 years old. , the rest focus on middle age.

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That means nearly 50% of memory loss in young people will turn into dementia in the elderly, especially among them Alzheimers disease. So it is important to improve, stop immediately if you are experiencing signs of memory decline before the situation gets worse!

1. Some of the most common causes of memory loss today.

The causes of memory loss today are common, if in the elderly, it may be due to age problems, but if in young people, it mainly comes from bad daily habits due to the inability to balance work. work and life such as: not eating enough, lack of sleep, work pressure…

A healthy brain cannot lack nutrients, some minerals, especially vitamins of group B (B1 and B12) when deficiency has a negative effect on memory.

In addition, problems such as iron deficiency anemia, which makes the body tired, dizzy, pale skin, combined with the pressures of life, can also lead to memory impairment. The pressures from life, work, study … make us easy to lead to stress. Nervous tension makes it difficult for us to concentrate because stress directly affects the cognitive nerve center and reduces the speed of response to things, making it difficult for people to concentrate, easily disperse thoughts and solve problems. slow problem solving.

Over time, brain function declines and memory gradually declines. And you also cannot have a healthy brain, a good memory if you are always in a state of sleep deprivation or insufficient sleep. This is one of the leading causes that young people often encounter. You often spend time sleeping to work and entertain with the desire to make your work better and more effective.

However, what you don’t know is that not getting enough sleep is the direct cause of your performance. Lack of sleep disrupts the flow of information to the prefrontal cortex and causes short-term memory loss or forgetfulness.

2. So how to help improve memory?

– Exercise, sports: is a good way to help promote the circulatory system, respiratory system, increase oxygen and nutrition for the brain.

– Limit the risk of stress, stress: The leading group of causes of memory loss. Meditation, yoga can help improve mood, these gentle physical activities help circulate blood in the body, especially blood to the brain and help the nervous system work better. Many studies show that meditation improves brain function, reduces markers of brain degeneration, and improves both working memory and long-term memory.

– Get enough sleep: Sleep – The golden key to health, sleep is very important to health, sleep is the time when the body rests, regenerates energy and eliminates toxins, and waves The brain will be created to store information during sleep, transfer that information to the prefrontal cortex and store memories here. Getting a full night’s rest, usually about 7-8 hours per night for an adult, helps the brain create and store long-term memories.

– Proper nutrition: Limit foods high in carbohydrates and sugar, stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco, carbonated drinks. Instead, use healthy and nutritious food sources for the brain such as sea fish (rich in omega-3 fatty acids), foods rich in B vitamins (mushrooms, milk, cereals, etc.), foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Choline is found in eggs and poultry.

– Healthy foods: Use products or herbs that support memory enhancement, reduce stress to support the treatment of memory impairment. With the nature of busy work, many people cannot avoid the pressure of work, life or arrange a reasonable time to eat and rest, functional foods are a great, suitable and effective solution. high efficiency.

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