Tips to restore the digestive system.

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      Tet is the time when you receive many different types of food, go to every house to receive large trays and small trays.

It is also difficult to avoid because this is a special occasion for the whole family to gather, and this change in diet makes many people unable to adapt. So what’s the secret to recovering the “overloaded” digestive system during Tet?

1. Three signs that the digestive system is “overloaded”.

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Abdominal bloating – Indigestion: This is a problem that many people have during Tet when eating too much, especially dishes containing a lot of protein and fat, low in fiber. In addition, drinking carbonated and alcoholic beverages will cause food-degrading bacteria in the intestines to produce more gas than waste, leading to uncomfortable feelings such as bloating, gas, bloating, etc.

Digestive disorders: The erratic eating such as eating too much, too little, not at the right meal, … drinking a lot of alcohol are the main causes of digestive disorders; with the usual symptoms of diarrhea, constipation and slow digestion; Absorption is expressed from the degree of appetite disturbance, bloating, indigestion, bitter mouth, loss of appetite; to malabsorption syndromes such as diarrhea, constipation, raw stools, etc.

Intestinal dysbiosis: Disturbances in gut bacteria (intestinal dysbiosis, imbalance of intestinal microflora) is a condition in which the ratio of harmful bacteria overwhelms beneficial bacteria, causing digestive disorders and pathologies. Digestive such as: bowel disorders, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, …

2. The secret to restoring a healthy digestive system on Tet holiday.

Holiday meals often have a negative impact on the health of the digestive system. Therefore, when experiencing such symptoms, you can try to apply some simple ways as follows:

– Eat in moderation, do not eat too much, eat too much and drink a lot of alcohol.
– Avoid eating too many foods rich in protein and fat; Pay attention to eat more green vegetables, balance between protein and fiber.
– It is necessary to limit eating pickles, spices for spicy dishes, sour vinegar, hot peppers …
– Use products containing digestive enzymes…

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