Tips to help children not get sick when it rains erratically.

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       Adding fruit, eating a lot of yogurt, getting enough sleep, staying active, keeping the body clean will help children not get sick when it rains erratically.

1. Why do children get sick easily when it rains erratically?

Hot weather with heavy rain are favorable conditions for viruses and bacteria to develop and spread quickly in the community. They can cause many dangerous diseases, especially in young children such as: Dengue fever; Hand, foot and mouth; respiratory diseases; Diseases related to the digestive system… Diseases related to the digestive tract such as diarrhea, food poisoning are also common diseases when the weather is hot and rainy. The main reason is that young children eat unsanitary food, eat rancid food or have inadequate and improper personal hygiene…

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Because the child’s immune system is still weak, easy to be penetrated and broken by viruses, infection is understandable in children.

2. Tips to help children not get sick when it rains erratically.

To help children increase their resistance, increase their ability to cope with adverse environmental factors, parents should note:

* Additional vegetables and fruits .

Vegetables and fruits provide a variety of nutrients, supplement water, vitamins and minerals for the body. Eating fruit regularly helps increase immunity for children, avoiding common diseases. Children should eat grapefruit, watermelon, grapes, oranges, amaranth, water spinach, morning glory and dark green leafy vegetables. In vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins, especially mothers should supplement with vitamin C to help increase resistance to help children not get sick when it rains erratically against common diseases such as mild flu.

* Daily yogurt supplement.

Yogurt contains probiotic bacteria that fight harmful bacteria and viruses. Mothers feed babies yogurt daily to increase resistance, support healthy digestive system, prevent constipation.

Children 6 months and older can eat yogurt. Please base on the child’s preferences as well as the developmental stage to provide the right amount of yogurt to help the child not get sick when the weather changes.

* Ensure the baby’s body hygiene.

Children often have a preference to explore everything around, so their hands and feet are dirty. At that time, bacteria can easily enter the baby’s body, causing digestive and respiratory diseases. This is an effective way to help children not get sick when it rains erratically. Mothers need to regularly pay attention to and clean their children’s hands, feet, and faces to eliminate harmful bacteria.

* Make sure your baby gets enough sleep.

Sleep not only affects the development of children but also helps to increase resistance. If the baby gets enough sleep, the baby will play well, eat well and cry less. Depending on the stage, the number of sleep hours for children changes: Newborns sleep 18 hours a day, toddlers need 12 to 13 hours of sleep, preschoolers sleep 10 hours.

* Let your baby move more.

Children with reasonable exercise help good blood circulation, increase resistance and immunity. In addition, exercise also helps children become more supple, flexible, and eat more deliciously. Parents should not be too afraid of their children’s injuries and limit their children’s opportunities to exercise.

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