Tips to cure teeth grinding while sleeping.

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       Teeth grinding while sleeping isn’t just annoying for the person sleeping next to you. But for patients, it is easy to lead to misalignment, face pain or jaw fatigue, more severe can cause headaches, even facial deformities. So to cure this disease, please carefully follow the important information in the following article.

Teeth grinding while sleeping not only appears to the elderly but also young people are susceptible to this disease. At first glance we think it’s just an unconscious habit. However, according to doctors, this is a disease related to the jaw joint. Therefore, we should overcome it soon so as not to lead to unfortunate harm caused by this disease.

* Causes of teeth grinding while sleeping.

Chronic sleep grinding will lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction. When the teeth are squeezed together, it can easily lead to tooth loss, very serious tooth wear. To cure this disease, you first need to know the cause of teeth grinding.

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According to studies, teeth grinding comes from many different causes. Specifically it is:

Stress: Teeth grinding while sleeping can also be the result of a stressful everyday lifestyle. In fact, people who are tired, stressed or excited during the day will often have a habit of grinding their teeth while sleeping. The reason is because long-term pent-up stress and anxiety will stimulate nerve activity. From there, causing teeth grinding while sleeping.

– Personality: People with strong personalities, easily excitable are often at a higher risk of teeth grinding than the majority.

– Stimulants and drugs: A side effect of some drugs and stimulants is teeth grinding during sleep. Especially people who smoke, drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks will have a higher risk of grinding their teeth while sleeping than the average person.

– Genetics: It sounds ridiculous but this is absolutely true, people who sleep grinding their teeth will easily pass it on to the next generations.

– Other causes: Besides, grinding teeth while sleeping can stem from a number of other causes such as: dementia, gastric reflux, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy or sleep apnea syndrome.

* How to cure teeth grinding while sleeping is extremely effective.

Cure teeth grinding while sleeping is not difficult if you know the following good tips:

* Tip 1: Use black beans stewed with salt.

Treatment of teeth grinding with black beans is done as follows: Buy black beans, treat them thoroughly, and then simmer them like cooking tea. When the beans are cooked, add the salt and stir. Remember to add just the right amount of salt. Let it cool and then eat both the water and the fish. Regular 2-3 times a week teeth grinding will stop.

* Tip 2: Cure teeth grinding with diet, rest.

The cause of teeth grinding can come from an unreasonable sleep regime. So, try changing your schedule of activities and work. Sleep at least 8 hours/day. Combine with a scientific diet menu, add more green vegetables and fruits. Especially do not use stimulants, alcoholic beverages. And increase the amount of calcium consumed every day. Try using it for about a month to see if it’s completely gone!

* Tip 3: Cure teeth grinding with pig pins.

Pig pin, also known as pig testicles, is considered an extremely effective remedy for teeth grinding.

Since this part of the pig is often discarded, you must ask in advance to get it. To promote the healing effect, you should take the whole penis with a long string like a chopstick, from 15-25cm. Pork pint not only treats teeth grinding, but according to Oriental Medicine, this dish also helps to enhance the physiology of men. Therefore, this is considered an effective remedy for bed problems in many families.

Besides, if using the whole penis, it will have a very delicious, crispy, crunchy taste. This dish can treat both physiological weakness, impotence, urinary excretion, marrow production, back pain, knee fatigue and many other great effects.

To treat teeth grinding while sleeping, do the following: Take the whole penis, wash it, and squeeze it with salt to get rid of the smell. Then cut into pieces about 5cm, marinate with a little seasoning and steam in a water bath. Note that only steaming is medium, not too hot, it will lose its effect.

When the pork is cooked, bring it out to eat before eating. Eating for 9-10 days in a row will completely stop grinding teeth.

The remedy for teeth grinding with pig pins has been applied by many people and is very successful. So, give it a try now!

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