This type of nap, you have extended your life.

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       This way of taking a nap is that you have extended 15 years of your life, please save it right away!

Napping is very good for, especially for intellectual workers. A nap provides time to regenerate and restore cells, this is an effective way to improve alertness and performance in the afternoon.

For a nap that has a good impact on health, do not forget the following notes:

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– Should only rest completely after eating about 10-20 minutes.

– Keep the spirit of comfort, no thought when sleeping.- Limit sleep or lunch in a place with a lot of noise.

– Do not eat too full or use stimulants such as alcohol, beer, coffee … Previously because they will cause difficulty sleeping or sleep badly.

– Choose the most appropriate sleep posture to avoid muscle tension, fatigue after waking up.

– When waking up, do not get up immediately. Sit in the spot for 1-3 minutes to keep your body awake before standing up, embarking on the work of the afternoon.

* Allow long sleep:

In case of lack of sleep, it may allow yourself to sleep longer but not more than 1 and a half hours, but it is necessary to set the alarm clock. Pests will bring many health benefits and when “full” eyes, the body will be refreshed and alert to continue the rest of the day.

* Don’t worry if you can’t sleep.

However, if you can’t sleep, lying your eyes to rest also improve your physical and mental as sleeping, so don’t worry. It is possible to practice simple to increase concentration by raising your eyes above the head (as if looking at the ceiling) and closing the eyelids. Focus on keeping your eyes at least by breathing in deep breathing. You will feel less stressed and comfortable.

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