This trick to circulate blood vessels throughout the body.

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       Cerebral circulatory disorders can lead to many dangerous complications and have serious consequences for the health and life of the patient. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to understand the disease of cerebral circulatory disorders in order to find ways to prevent it in time.

1. Why it is necessary to increase blood circulation.

Blood plays a very important role in our body, but not everyone maintains good blood quality, as well as efficient blood circulation to all parts of the body. When blood quality is poor, it often affects blood circulation in the arteries, affecting blood circulation to other parts of the body, brain anemia.

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Poor blood circulation makes patients face difficulties in life from work to daily activities. The most obvious manifestations of poor blood circulation are fatigue, cold and tired limbs, frequent headaches, dizziness, or loss of appetite, pale skin and more dangerous than it can be. It can lead to a number of other dangerous diseases including insomnia, poor sleep, headaches, memory loss and worse, heart failure, liver failure.

In addition, people with cerebral blood circulation disorder may also have emotional disorders, often expressed in feeling sad, or irritable, difficult to control emotions, easily confused sad and happy.

2. The secret to enhancing cerebral blood circulation.

* Hard work, exercise:

People with poor cerebral blood circulation need to increase the practice of gentle exercises and regular physical activity habits, which will not only improve health but also make the walls of blood vessels softer to help blood circulate better. For those who have to work in the office but often just sit still in one place, it is recommended to walk for about 5 minutes, or stop and practice some gentle exercise to move the body to help blood circulation easily. than. People should exercise early in the morning as soon as they wake up. Especially for people with poor blood circulation, they should learn about their disease to avoid doing inappropriate exercises or intense sports.

* Proper diet:

Balanced nutrition is the first way to make blood circulation easier and the foods recommended for people with poor blood circulation are foods rich in fiber. In addition, it is recommended to supplement with vitamins C and E, vitamin C found in fruits such as oranges, lemons, kiwis, tangerines has the effect of activating the anti-clotting mechanism, while vitamin E is found in whole grains. Very good antioxidants not only help blood circulation but also beautify the skin for women.

* Massage:

After a tiring day of work, take time to relax and massage your body, especially your head. This is a simple measure, but can help blood circulation effectively because massage will stimulate blood vessels under the skin to work better.

* Drink enough water:

Water makes up 80% of the composition of the blood and helps the blood to circulate more easily. Therefore, every day we need to replenish our body with enough water, because when the body is not supplied with enough water, there will be anemia in the brain.

Please note the above tips in a notebook and start doing them every day to prevent circulatory disorders.

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