The reason you should sleep on the floor like the Japanese.

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        The Japanese have many reasons to sleep on the floor besides saving living space.

If you enter a Japanese bedroom, you will most likely not find a bed at all. There are many reasons why Japanese people like to sleep on the floor, of which saving space is only a very small reason. More importantly, sleeping on the floor is extremely healthy.

* Relieve back pain.

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Sleeping on a hard, flat surface is good for your back and will most likely help alleviate the back pain that has plagued you for years. Sleeping in a soft bed is sure to be comfortable, but the mattress will sag over time, causing your spine to curve and leading to back pain. Many medical professionals recommend placing plywood under the mattress if it is too soft. Sleeping on the floor also keeps your spine straight and prevents your body from twisting in an unnatural position.

* Improve posture.

If you sleep in the right position, the spine will be properly supported, you will find it much easier to keep your back straight. The habit of sleeping on the floor can help you correct bad posture, keep your body straight, and when your back is pain-free, you will feel it doesn’t need to sag anymore.

* Wake up on time.

If you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, you’re not alone. A lot of people don’t wake up when the alarm goes off and tend to hit the snooze button. When you sleep on the floor, you will get true sleep, high quality sleep and will feel uncomfortable if you have to lie down all day.

* Save space, money.

Switching from bed to mattress can save you a lot of money. An average person spends about 10 million VND for a mattress bed. If you choose the wrong one to replace, you will waste more time and energy. Sleeping on the floor, you don’t need to buy a bed frame or pallet to place the mattress. In addition, you only need to find a place to lay your back, so any comfortable position in the house can be a place to lie down. You can change the sleeping place as you like without having to move the bed.

* Improve blood circulation.

When you sleep on the floor, blood circulates better because your weight will be evenly distributed, the pressure on the body parts is also less. Sleeping in a natural position also helps prevent numbness and tingling caused by poor blood circulation. For example, if you sleep curled up, the blood in the upper body will have difficulty circulating and then flow back to the heart, causing clotting and vein problems.

* Who should not sleep on the floor?

People with allergies: Because the floor is often dusty, people who are allergic and sensitive to dust will easily have a cough and runny nose.

People with osteoarthritis: If you have a serious bone disorder, sleeping on the floor can do more harm than good because it increases pressure on your joints.

Elderly: Because mobility decreases with age, older adults may experience some difficulty standing on the floor.

People who can weld: If you find yourself waking up often at night because of the cold, it is better to avoid sleeping on the floor, as it can make you even colder.

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