The reason why you should like to eat garlic every day.

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     Many people do not like to eat garlic, but if you understand all the benefits of garlic, you will have to find this spicy and pungent spice.

* Make teeth strong.

Studies have shown that garlic can be a good alternative treatment in treating inflamed gums. In addition, garlic is intrinsically antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal. And that helps a lot with your oral health.

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* Garlic increases energy.

If you work out hard, your diet should include garlic, as studies have shown that eating garlic reduces the load on your heart during exercise.

It is interesting that in ancient times, the Greeks often prescribed garlic and dietary supplements to athletes and people who had to do hard labor because it helped increase the body’s strength.

* Against aging .

Garlic helps the body fight oxidative stress, also known as “oxidative stress”. The more specific explanation is that we will age because the body converts food and oxygen into energy.

However, sometimes our body will go a bit overboard with this process and destroy other cells in the process. This leads to skin becoming more saggy and our brains becoming sluggish.

This strong-smelling herb causes your body to increase the production of substances in the blood that fight the overzealous oxidation of the cells in the body.

* Make you more attractive .

It sounds counterintuitive because everyone knows that eating garlic can cause bad breath. However, a study from 2016 showed that the effect of garlic on body odor was quite positive.

Test participants described the scents of those who ate garlic as less intense and more appealing. This may be due to garlic’s anti-bacterial properties. Garlic in your body has eliminated the bacteria that cause the unpleasant sweat odor.

* Strengthens the immune system.

To do the immune system booster, you will have to eat raw garlic. When you cut or crush garlic, it releases allicin. Because when cooking, garlic will lose most of allicin.

* Anti-high blood pressure.

Many studies have shown that eating garlic daily has a lasting effect on lowering your cholesterol. Of course, if you are facing any cardiovascular disease or elevated cholesterol levels, you should see a medical professional. Because garlic can bring good results, but it is not a cure.

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