The habit of doing in the evening is better than in the morning to prevent diseases and live a long life.

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       The following habits help you stay healthy, prevent disease and prevent stroke very well.

* Light exercise walk.

Going for a walk before going to bed in the evening will help you relieve all the worries of the day, detox well and prevent many diseases.

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Walking at night also helps you to enjoy the silence and think about the things that make you depressed, which is very good for preventing insomnia. At the same time, walking also helps you enhance good blood circulation for people with cardiovascular disease, vestibular disorders.

* Eat meat or cheese.

The habit of eating meat or cheese in the morning seems to be good for your health, helping you to start the day full of energy. However, if you eat this dish a few hours before going to bed, you will not sleep well. However, the best way is to eat some meat or cheese because both products contain a lot of protein and tryptophan – An amino acid component that helps you sleep.

* Practice yoga and meditation.

Good morning and yoga routine for your health. But if you practice yoga at night, it helps you put your thoughts and emotions in order, reduces stress, and helps you wake up in the morning.

* Take a warm bath.

Many people think that taking a warm bath in the morning will make your body more alert. But in fact, if you take a warm bath in the morning, it is not the best choice, because it stimulates sleep, making you more sleepy. Therefore, you should take a warm bath in the evening, it will have many benefits such as soothing stress, cleaning pores, relaxing bones after a long day of work.

* Eat kiwi.

If you eat kiwi fruit in the morning, it will cause stomach upset affecting the digestive system. But if you eat this fruit in the evening, it will stimulate digestion and good for health. At the same time, according to a study, consuming 2 kiwi fruits an hour before bed for a month will help you fall asleep faster and better.

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