Tell you how to stop stomach pain immediately.

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        Knowing how to quickly cut stomach pain will help patients reduce pain as well as support effective treatment of stomach pain.

* Method 1: How to properly massage the abdomen to help relieve stomach pain quickly.

This method is considered the simplest of the methods. How to do: you just need to use your hand to press your abdomen and gently massage in a clockwise direction with a moderate force. You just need to rub it over and over again for about 10 minutes, the pain is immediately reduced.

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* Method 2: Warming the abdomen to cut stomach pain quickly.

When the first quick stomach pain relief method has not worked, you can use the abdominal warming method to relieve stomach pain. This traditional method was used by many ancient people. Do this as follows: Method 1: You use a warm water bottle to gently roll into the abdomen. And rub the belly in a clockwise direction when the belly is warm. Method 2: You roast a handful of salt to heat, wrap it in a clean cloth, and then apply it to the painful abdomen. The heat will begin to spread throughout the abdomen, increasing blood circulation, thereby reducing the pain of stomach spasms. Finally, the stomach pain will quickly fade away.

* Method 3: Use diluted salt water.

In addition to the above two methods, there is a third method to reduce the symptoms of stomach disease, which is the use of warm salt water diluted. When an upset stomach occurs, mix granulated salt with warm water, and dilute a little and then drink small sips. You can drink it several times a day, but you shouldn’t drink too much. The effect of dilute warm salt water is to effectively clean the intestinal tract, leading to a reduction in stomach spasms and then maximum stomach pain relief.

Small tip: Cut stomach pain immediately with functional foods Curcumin

Turmeric does not cure stomach or digestive ailments. But scientists have found in turmeric that the main active ingredient is Curcumin in the early 20th century. And experimental studies on animals show that Curcumin has the ability to selectively kill cancer cells. but does not affect healthy cells. And when studied on humans, with a dose of 12-20g (equivalent to 4-6 ounces of turmeric powder) will achieve effective cancer treatment. However, this is a very high dose, which patients cannot comply with due to unpleasant taste and gastrointestinal irritation.

Modern medicine has invented smart preparations from turmeric, most recently the new generation nano-biofilm technology – Nano Curcumin to increase absorption into the blood. Nano Curcumin oral tablet with the main ingredient Nano Curcumin helps you easily absorb in the body, has the effect of preventing cancer and supporting the treatment of diseases related to the stomach.

Above is a summary of ways to relieve stomach pain immediately caused by ulcers. Readers can choose the method that best suits their body in case stomach pain appears unexpectedly.

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