Thẻ: Healthy eating

“Golden” foods can “destroy” cancer cells.

          Cancer cells are always latent in each

The following sore throat remedies can help ease the pain without medication.

         When the weather changes, the conditions are favorable

Be wary of the appearance of diabetes.

       Good sleep is an important guarantee for physical health,

Recognizing signs and treatment of pericardial effusion.

          Pericardial effusion is a common medical condition

Simple habits of healthy people.

         Have you ever seen someone and was impressed

Habits that make men gain weight

         Drinking less water, skipping meals or not getting

Time to drink coffee is harmful to health

         Drinking down a cup of coffee before the

How should office workers exercise to prevent obesity?

       Spending an average of 8 hours a day at

Your mistake makes tea not good for health.

        Tea is really a healthy drink. In fact,

Unexpected signs that you are having heart problems.

        If you have heart problems, it is extremely

Drinking water the right way to have beautiful skin?

          Doctor, what role does water have for

Foods rich in calcium help increase height and lose fat quickly.

          Building and implementing a scientific, healthy diet,

Bad habits every day harm the liver

          The liver is a miraculous organ. Every

What to eat to prevent complications from dyslipidemia?

          For patients with dyslipidemia, it is necessary