Surprised with the ability to nourish and detoxify the liver of pineapple.

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          The liver is a very important internal organ, the liver receives the task of sorting and eliminating toxins, maintaining the health of the body.

The importance of the liver to health is evident in more than 500 different biological functions and is present in almost every metabolic process taking place in the body. The life-sustaining activities that the liver is involved in include:

– Create bile to help digest food, convert nutrients from food into energy for the body, regulate the amount of fat, vitamins, trace minerals and sugar that the body needs.

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– Produce substances necessary for the functioning of the brain, spinal cord, production and excretion of cholesterol, control blood clotting.

– Produce immune factors and eliminate bacteria, helping the body create resistance against infections.

– Store important substances that can feed the body to supply it back to the body at times of need.

– Detoxifies the body by excreting toxic substances from the body.

In order for the liver to function properly, it is necessary to ensure that it is well nourished. In your daily diet, you need to include plenty of fruits, vegetables and protein.

Nutritionists say that pineapple is a fruit with excellent liver care capabilities.

In ripe pineapple fruit there are organic acids, minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron… vitamins: E, C, B1, B2, B3, P. Bromelin is a proteolytic enzyme with many valuable medicinal properties, contained in the whole fruit. pineapple but most distributed in the white core (8 to 20 times more in pineapple flesh).

B vitamins can help the liver detox. Vitamin C can fight oxidation and help eliminate free radicals, which are responsible for the aging of the liver. Manganese and iron help the body produce its own antioxidant enzymes. Magnesium can also help with sleep, allowing the liver to recover faster.

Besides the diet, adequate sleep, nutritionists remind you to control your weight to avoid obesity, reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome; reduce the intake of refined sugar to avoid fatty liver; at the same time avoid drinking a lot of alcohol and avoid eating moldy food.

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