Stop smelly feet, how?

Âu Thiên Tử
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      Sweating is the body’s normal excretory response. However, if it is too much, it can affect daily activities. To reduce sweating, there are a few ways: For people who sweat a lot, pay attention to regularly washing hands under the tap.

Use a small handkerchief, or soft tissue, to dry your palms when you feel sweaty and dry your hands before shaking hands; You can use baby powder to sprinkle a little on the palms, feet, talcum powder will help absorb sweat.

In some cases, excessive sweating is also triggered by stress; Managing stress or doing some sports like yoga to control stress is also a good way to inhibit excessive sweating.

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The last resort in the treatment of sweating when other treatments have not worked is sympathectomy. To overcome foot odor, as mentioned above, the cause of odor is caused by bacteria present on the skin combined with sweat.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to changing and washing socks every day, using cotton socks. If possible, you should change your shoes every 6 months and wear airy sandals in the hot season. According to her letter, sometimes itchy and flaking acne is caused by a fungal infection.

If there are signs of a fungal infection, it should be treated immediately because this is also the cause of the odor. You should regularly soak your feet with dilute salt water before going to bed to help sleep well and prevent fungus and foot odor.

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