Stomach Disease Because of Bad Habits .

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      Just with the habits in daily life that seem harmless but can cause you to suffer serious stomach disease consequences!

The diseases of the stomach you can encounter such as gastric ulcer, duodenal bulb, epigastric pain, worse, even lead to stomach cancer. Therefore, to prevent stomach pain, you should correct the following adverse habits. Reference: Stomach pain should do?

* Habits from living activities contribute to stomach disease.

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* Heavy use of alcohol, beer, smoking:

Smoking not only harms the respiratory system but also causes stomach disease. The nicotine component in tobacco will harm the gastric mucosa by: promoting blood vessel constriction, reducing the blood supply to the gastric mucosa; inhibiting the synthesis of Prostaglandin has a protective role in the gastric mucosa; affect the emptying function of the stomach, easily cause backflow of bile in the stomach, damaging the gastric mucosa; Promotes acid secretion and pepsin directly corrodes the gastric mucosa.

* Drink a lot of alcohol:

Not only does it damage the liver, cause the skin to lose water, kill brain cells, but also cause stomach disease when it directly damages the stomach lining, causing the stomach lining to become inflamed, ulcerated or bleed.

* Drug abuse:

There are many drugs that can cause stomach upset if used incorrectly. Most ominous are the corticosteroid-type adrenocorticotropic hormone (there are many different brand names) and the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic drugs (NSAIDs for short) such as aspirin, diclofenac, indomethacin, piroxicam … In fact, NSAIDs are very commonly used, and people can buy them on their own.

Causing peptic ulcers, stomach bleeding. thick. Corticosteroids can also cause gastric perforation.

Usually people only pay attention to keeping warm in winter, but do not know that even in the summer, sitting for a long time in an air-conditioned room so that the temperature is too low, eating cold foods can also make the stomach cold and affect the health of the body. affect function. When the body is cold, the stomach will contract, causing symptoms such as stomach disease such as pain, indigestion, vomiting … Reference: Signs of stomach pain

* Improper eating habits.

* Overeating in the evening and eating at night:

Many people have the habit of skipping breakfast, eating a hasty lunch, and then eating a lot at dinner or before going to bed. This makes the digestive system easily weakened and can lead to stomach cancer because it has to work too hard at the time it should be resting. Because eating dinner too full or eating at night will force the stomach to work too much, causing gastric juice to secrete excessively, causing erosion of the stomach lining. Over time, this will lead to inflammation, stomach ulcers. People also do not think that eating easily digested foods such as: milk, fruit … before going to bed will not harm the stomach because the food that has not been fully digested will decompose and ferment in the stomach, leading to fullness and stomach pain.

The secretion of gastric juice has a certain “timetable”. For some reason, you skip meals, only when you see your stomach churning, you rush to eat a lot to dispel hunger, which is one of the causes of damage to stomach health. Snacking a lot, forgetting the main meal or the time between meals is not fixed is also the cause of stomach ulcers. If food is not added in time, the amount of acid produced will “reflect” to its owner, thereby causing a common stomach ulcer disease.

* Eating too fast:

If you eat too quickly, saliva has not yet secreted enough glycoproteins and amylase enzymes to puree, metabolize and digest food, which will cause food to be poorly digested in the oral cavity, directly transferred to the stomach while still in its raw form to further digestion. This will directly damage the gastric mucosa, increase the burden and working time for the stomach, fatigue the stomach muscles and reduce gastric motility. Therefore, you should create a habit of eating slowly to increase saliva production, which is beneficial for digestion and better absorption of food.

* Unhygienic eating and drinking:

is the risk of intestinal diseases such as acute gastritis, stomach pain, bloating, nausea… Especially, in the hot summer, when bacteria grow and multiply rapidly.

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