Sneezing, runny nose in pregnant women?

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    When pregnant, if not taken care of carefully, the immune system is weakened and susceptible to many diseases.

When the weather changes, it is easy to sneeze and runny nose, making pregnant women very worried about whether it will affect the fetus or not? Join us to learn about this issue through the article below.

* Sneezing, runny nose during pregnancy why?

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Most of the causes of sneezing and runny nose during pregnancy are due to the respiratory tract affected by environmental factors such as: Dirt, weather, pollen .. or diseases such as inflammation. Sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis or flu…

The condition of sneezing and runny nose caused by allergies often sneezes for a long time, occurs for many hours, the nasal discharge is characterized by clear, abundant, but not stained, nasal congestion, unpleasant itching sensation, headache. Sometimes there is a feeling of tension in the facial sinus area.

In addition, there is cyclical pregnancy sneezing. This condition appears every time you wake up, decreases during the day and reappears when encountering wind, coming in contact with dirt. At first, the nasal discharge is clear, then thickens into pus, and the nasal discharge flows in waves.

During pregnancy, the placenta also produces large amounts of estrogen, which increases mucus production and can cause a runny or stuffy nose. The presence of estrogen can cause swelling and inflammation in the nose, hindering the normal breathing process, making pregnant women feel very uncomfortable.

* Sneezing, runny nose in pregnant women affect the fetus?

If sneezing, runny nose during pregnancy without other signs such as cough, sore throat or fever… will not affect the fetus in the abdomen. But if the situation of sneezing and runny nose lasts for a long time without definitive treatment, it will weaken the immune system and directly affect the health of the mother.

Runny nose together with other signs such as nasal congestion, headaches lead to quite dangerous complications such as birth defects, birth defects or fetal distress … when infected with flu.

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