Simple habits help you increase resistance, prevent disease.

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        Like it or not, you are still exposed to all kinds of viruses and bacteria every day. However, they will not be able to harm your health if you have a good immune system. Therefore, increase your resistance from today!

1 – The importance of good resistance.

Resistance is a factor that helps the body resist harmful agents, causing diseases to the body from the external environment such as bacteria and viruses. However, for each person, the resistance is different, some are strong, some are weak. Usually, healthy people are less susceptible to minor illnesses and those with weak resistance, the body will be easily infected by viruses and pathogens causing common diseases such as illness, fever, cough … when the weather changes .

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The time of season change or weather change is also the time when the virus develops the most. If the body’s immune system is weak, its inability to fight pathogens will lead to minor illnesses. Therefore, you should immediately refer to the tips below to strengthen your immune system to improve your resistance.

2 – Tips to help you have good resistance.

To keep your immune system healthy, just follow the tips below:

• Get enough sleep

Staying up too late is extremely harmful to the body because they will weaken the body’s immune system. Therefore, if you sleep late regularly, the risk of being infected by viruses, causing pathogens is higher. You need to get enough sleep (7-8 hours) to ensure maximum health for yourself.

• Eat more garlic in your daily meals

Many people think that eating garlic is afraid of bad breath, but in fact, garlic has substances that fight very good effects on the body, enhance resistance, and minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

• Drink lemonade, honey, ginger

This is a good folk remedy for colds. But at the same time, honey also contains many natural antibodies, antioxidants; Ginger contains antibacterial properties that effectively treat nausea or diarrhea, and lemons are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. Therefore, you should drink this mixture 1 cup a day.

• Yoga

Yoga exercises require good body balance and high flexibility. Therefore, if you perform these movements regularly every day, it will not only help limit the risk of bone and joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases but also help regulate breathing, increase good resistance. For that reason, today, Yoga is an exercise applied by both young and middle-aged people.

• Drink tea every morning

A cup of tea in the morning or before bed will help you really relax your mind. Therefore, relax your body in the morning or evening to relieve all stress, regain the spirit of the new day and support the treatment of digestive diseases, bloating, and flatulence effectively.

With the above extremely simple tips, if you apply them regularly, you will ensure that your body is always healthy and minimize the risk of diseases such as bones, joints, heart, digestive system and nervous system. Therefore, you need to carefully consult and apply today to protect your health!

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