Signs help identify malnutrition in women.

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        Malnutrition is not only a consequence of poverty, dieting, but also an imbalance in the diet. Here are some typical signs of malnutrition in women.

Weakness: The first and most typical sign of malnutrition is feeling tired and weak. You will find yourself with no energy to do anything, even eat.

Low blood pressure: When you are malnourished, your blood pressure will stay low. That’s because when you don’t eat enough carbs and fats, your blood sugar levels drop, leading to a drop in blood pressure.

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Dizziness: When blood pressure drops due to low blood sugar, you will lose balance and feel dizzy, lightheaded, accompanied by persistent headaches.

Anemia: Anemia is a common condition in women. This condition is caused by the body not absorbing enough iron from food. In addition, a woman’s body loses a large amount of iron due to menstruation and childbirth.

Irritability: When a woman’s body lacks the necessary nutrients, the hormones in the body also become unbalanced, causing a woman’s mood to become erratic and irritable.

Hair loss: Hair and skin are only healthy when the body is healthy. If you don’t eat enough nutritious foods, your hair will be weak, dry, and prone to breakage. If you find yourself losing a lot of hair for no apparent reason, it could be a sign of malnutrition.

Missed periods, missed periods: When the body does not have enough iron and calcium, it will start to save nutrients by stopping menstruation. Iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of missed or abnormally short periods in women.

Weight loss: Malnutrition is not just a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. If you eat too few carbs and protein, you are also at risk of malnutrition, which leads to abnormal weight loss.

Weak immune system: When the body lacks vitamin C, zinc and other essential nutrients for the immune system, you will be very susceptible to illness and disease. If you are constantly sick, sick for a short time, it could be a sign of malnutrition.

Easy bruising: The body’s easy bruising is caused by weak capillaries in the body. This usually happens when your blood counts are low, which means your body needs more vitamin K and folate.

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