Secrets to protect the liver after drinking alcohol.

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     Partying, booze are always hard to refuse. So how to protect the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol?

The liver is an important part of the human body, when the liver is damaged, other parts of the body are also affected. Protecting the liver is protecting everyone’s life because liver diseases, especially liver cancer are very dangerous. However, many people still have a subjective mentality, do not pay attention to health as well as protecting the liver, especially before the harmful effects of alcohol.

* If you drink a lot of alcohol, how to take care of your liver?

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The human body will be affected to a certain extent after drinking alcohol. The ability to tolerate and decompose alcohol after entering the body also has its own “tolerance”, so the amount of alcohol each person will be more or less different.

Under normal circumstances, the drinking capacity of each person is only about 1ml/1kg of body weight. If it is 52 degrees alcohol, about 1.1ml or less (for example, if you are 65kg, you should not drink more than 65ml of alcohol).

Knowing this formula, you will calculate the maximum amount of alcohol you are allowed to drink. Once you drink too much of this, your liver becomes overloaded and damaged after drinking alcohol.

In parties and festivals, we often drink to celebrate the spring, when you can’t refuse a drink, you should do the following things to protect your liver.

* Protect the liver after drinking alcohol.

* Drink more water.

After drinking too much alcohol, the simplest way is to drink a lot of water to replenish the body’s water, promote blood circulation, promote the metabolism of the glands, especially the excretory and digestive glands. metabolism, pancreatic juice and bile, to facilitate the process of digestion, absorption and elimination and to minimize the metabolites and toxins that damage the liver.

* Eat more fruit, fruit juice.

Juice contains acidic components that can neutralize alcohol, promoting rapid excretion of alcohol. What you should pay special attention to is that the digestive system is often very sensitive, after drinking alcohol, if you drink more fruit juices, you should not refrigerate or drink with ice.

* Eat warm soup, fish cooked with ginger and liver tonic soups.

After drinking, you can relax by eating hot soup. For example, fish soup cooked with ginger, or hot vegetable soup.

It should be noted that many people think that drinking solid tea can cause a hangover. In fact, tea concentrates are high in theophylline, which can cause vasoconstriction, increase blood pressure, and worsen headache symptoms after drinking. Therefore, do not drink more solid tea after drinking.

* Increase eating frugal, low-fat foods.

According to Western medicine research, after drinking too much, you should change the food in your diet and choose frugal, low-fat, nutritionally balanced dishes first. Choose the right amount of protein and vitamins to build the foundation for a healthy liver. For those who accidentally drink too much alcohol, you should nourish the spleen and kidneys, this is also a way to nourish the liver.

* Good sleep is also valuable liver care.

According to the theory of the meridian system in traditional Chinese medicine, 1-3 am is the time when the liver meridians are most active. During this stage, the body must be in a deep sleep state to nourish the liver and help the liver detoxify smoothly.

According to the concept of modern medicine, the evening 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock (22 o’clock – 2 o’clock) is the time for detoxification and beauty. If you do not sleep during this time, your skin will become worse, dry, fragile and uncomfortable. At the same time, there is a feeling of dry mouth, sore throat and other diseases, which affect the general function of the liver.

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