Relieve unpleasant symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux in pregnant women.

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       The large increase in hormone levels during pregnancy often makes acid reflux in pregnant women appear more often.

Pregnant women often suffer from gastroesophageal reflux. The time when the symptoms appear most clearly in the first and last trimester. At this time, pregnancy hormones have a very strong impact on the abdominal muscle groups, making digestion more difficult than before. As a result, the food stays in the stomach and refuses to be digested, causing bloating, heartburn, and belching. More serious patients also have acid reflux and gastric juice up the esophagus.

Although the phenomenon of gastric reflux in pregnant women is very uncomfortable, doctors think that it is very beneficial for the fetus. If food is digested more slowly, nutrients will be absorbed thoroughly across the placenta. Therefore, if you have acid reflux, don’t worry too much. If it interferes with your daily life, apply some of these uncomfortable symptoms.

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* Divide meals into small portions.

Instead of eating 3 main meals a day like normal people. Pregnant women should divide the main meal into 2-3 small meals. This helps the food to be digested more easily than before. At the same time, eating just enough makes it harder for food to stagnate in the stomach.

* Do not eat stimulating foods.

Some foods have the ability to stimulate the stomach to secrete gastric juices and strong acids such as chocolate, tea, coffee, hot spicy foods, fried foods, etc. These foods also fill the stomach and cause belching. makes acid reflux stronger than before.

* Do not eat or drink at the same time.

The habit of eating rice with soup or eating and drinking makes it easier for you to swallow food. However, it is extremely harmful to the stomach. When you swallow quickly, the food is not thoroughly crushed by the teeth, then the stomach will have to work harder to digest. The more the stomach is overloaded, the more acid is produced and causes gastric reflux in pregnant women.

* Avoid anxiety.

Not only pregnant women have acid reflux, but even normal people, when they fall into a state of stress, excessive anxiety will also destroy the body from the inside. Not only that, stress is also the cause of more severe stomach pain and reflux esophagitis.

You should spend a lot of time relaxing during pregnancy. Share work with family members to make them psychologically happy and stable.

* Light exercise.

As the baby forms and grows in the abdomen, it will press on the stomach wall, making it even more prone to acid reflux. Remember to exercise gently, do not stand, sit, or lie down suddenly. In addition, gentle body movement helps to relax bones and joints, relieve stress and support later delivery.

* Weight control.

Many families have the idea that when a pregnant woman has to force her to eat as much as possible, the baby will be healthy. In fact, good weight control will ensure the health of both mother and baby. During pregnancy, women should only gain about 10-15 kg.

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