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      There are ways to relieve stress in learning for quick and easy results is the question of many young people still sitting in school, especially students during the exam season.

Studying with too many subjects and too much knowledge will make young people quickly stressed, have headaches, and find it difficult to load more knowledge. So how to relieve stress in studying? How to quickly get rid of the feeling of fatigue because of stress. Let’s take a look at some simple and effective ways to relieve stress in studying with Long Chau Pharmacy.

* Listen to music to relieve stress in studying.

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This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to relieve stress. You just need to turn on a gentle, lovely music, the music will help you quickly feel comfortable and full of positive energy.

You can apply this method every night before going to bed or whenever you feel tired, stressed because of studying. Please note that only melodious or vibrant music should be played with positive words, meaning encouragement and encouragement. When the song ends, surely the fatigue and anxiety inside you will be effectively soothed, so that you are full of faith and will to continue your work.

Research results show that music has a great influence on people’s mood. Accordingly, when we listen to positive songs, the body releases a positive hormone called dopamine. This hormone will bring you a feeling of happiness, minimize stress and fatigue.

To listen to stress-relieving music for the best effect, during the process of listening to music you should think of happy and joyful things in life or the goals that you are aiming for. If you don’t know which song to choose, instrumental music is also a useful suggestion that you can refer to.

* Release stress by going shopping.

Shopping is a stress reliever chosen by many people, especially women. Whenever you have a headache, fatigue, or a cycle of negative thoughts, go shopping.

Leaving a negative environment to go to vibrant spaces such as shopping centers and clothing stores will help you quickly get rid of negative thoughts. Besides, when you choose your favorite items, you will put aside the fatigue, pressure, and worries. Especially when you choose to buy something you like or when you go shopping with friends.

However, you also need to note, consider and calculate before buying items to suit your best friend’s economic situation. Avoid buying items that are too expensive for your “pocket”.

* Chat with friends and relatives.

Meeting and chatting with friends or relatives is also an effective way to relieve stress. Any questions, fatigue, worries of you, please bring the “experience” of others. This will help you solve problems and get sincere and useful advice from others.

Fun, funny conversations with friends will help you quickly get rid of the troubles in your heart.

Sometimes you are stuck and do not know how to handle it, the advice from everyone will definitely be the wisest solution that you should refer to.

* Enjoy delicious food.

A very popular way to relieve stress in studying is to reward yourself with delicious food. Remind yourself that you’ve worked hard and done well, now take a break and enjoy your favorite foods before getting back to the routine of the lesson.

What to eat to reduce stress? Prioritize the selection of delicious dishes that are sweet, nutritious, and low in spice. Not only is this good for your mood, but it’s especially good for our long-term health.

Some delicious dishes have the effect of bringing excitement and positivity to us such as: cakes, orange juice, watermelon juice, green vegetables, meat, fish and seafood.

* Traveling .

If you have free time, plan with your group of friends to organize travel sessions, picnic parties, … this is a very good way to “recharge” the body.

Depending on your age and free time, you can decide to go on a day trip or a long day trip. Don’t worry too much about schoolwork, instead of staying at home with worries and negative thoughts that can’t be “crammed” with knowledge, just go on a trip, a short trip will definitely help your mind. Your condition is better, from then on, learning will be much simpler.

The way to relieve stress in studying will help you reduce depression and pressure. It is also expected that parents should be knowledgeable about school stress, accompany their children, and encourage them so that they can always live in the most love and comfort, even during the full exam season. pressure.

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