Recipes for people with hair loss.

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      If you are losing hair, then use the natural solutions below.

Unlike pathological alopecia (loss of more than 100 hairs per day), spontaneous alopecia is defined as the life cycle of hair loss. According to the latest research that hair experts Kérastase conducted in 9 countries, up to 88% of women participating in the survey experienced hair loss, of which 40% were women under 35 years old.

The main cause of hair loss and breakage on one side is due to external influences such as using a hairbrush, a hair dryer or the influence of a polluted living environment. On the other hand, it is due to a weak scalp condition, weak and lifeless hair follicles, caused by internal physiological factors such as hormones or diet. If just focusing on choosing good shampoo and conditioner products is not enough, in fact, taking care of the scalp is one of the important steps to keeping the scalp healthy, thereby helping the hair grow well and grow. healthy ball.

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* Aloe .

Aloe vera not only has a very good skin care effect, but also is a treatment to support hair loss – stimulate hair growth, which is extremely effective in folklore. The nutrients of aloe vera help provide the necessary moisture for hair to grow faster and thicker. And yet, aloe vera also helps restore damaged, lifeless hair to become strong, shiny and radiant.

* Locust .

Bodhi tree is a very useful fruit for hair. In ancient times, women and mothers often used this fruit to cook shampoo to have smooth, black and long hair. That’s because locust contains flavonozides and saponaretin substances, which help hair grow fast and long, smooth.

* Nettle pot .

Clover, also known as squid grass, has a sweet taste, cool properties, has the effect of beautifying the skin, treating acne, clearing heat, detoxifying, strengthening teeth, treating hair loss, premature graying of hair, …

* Polygonum .

Ha Thu O is a traditional medicine that works to make the skin ruddy, smooth, treat hair loss, and stimulate hair growth again. Ha Thu O combined with some ingredients such as biogeo, black sesame, willow will have an effective hair loss treatment.

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