QB Kraftz 2020 Review – Making professional grade stone blocks at home

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QB Kraftz 2020 Review - Making professional grade stone blocks at home

How to make the most delicious cocktails at home you require? Well, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Yes, you may need some tutorials and recipes, but I’m sure that with a little practice, you can also start making great drinks for yourself and your friends.

QB Kraftz 2020 Review - Making professional grade stone blocks at home
QB Kraftz 2020 Review – Making professional grade stone blocks at home

The main problem with making delicious cocktails at home is the usual ice we use. Yes, all stones are the same but in cocktails, a certain flair can go a long way. You can continue to use your ice tray to make ice cubes, but what better? Something that can really enhance your indoor bar experience.

What is QB Kraftz?

QB Kraftz is an ice machine that comes with a variety of molds that allows you to elevate your cocktail with some fashionable stones. Perfect when you’re throwing a party or simply impressing a date with your cocktail-making ability, QB Kraftz is a necessity in every family.

Even for casual drinkers, QB Kraftz is the best way to improve your cocktail-making skills. Take it to another level, turn it into a trick at your party, and impress your friends with beautifully crafted stones. Say goodbye to expensive parties at bars and pubs. Go to QB Kraftz and make your own cocktails at home.

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Features QB Kraftz

When it comes to cocktails, the interesting half is its visual appeal. They can be delicious, but you can even enhance their position by making your own ice at home.

Professional quality stone: QB Kraftz makes professional-quality ice without much effort. Ice trays get the job done but they don’t guarantee the stone quality needed to umbellate your homemade cocktail.
Designed to create quality stone: QB Kraftz uses smart design features that help create smooth, low-air solid stones.
Insulation: The insulation allows the device to cool the ice perfectly and also allows the melting process to slow down.
Slow freeze: QB Kraftz believes in a slow freeze. This allows for the formation of airbags inside the blocks and ensures the formation of solid, perfectly shaped ice.

Slow melting: It is possible to bring the stone into the mold without worrying about melting. The insulation ensures the stone retains its shape for long periods of time.
Hundreds of molds for you to choose from: The company offers you a lot of different types of molds for you to choose from. This way, you can create different ice styles for a variety of cocktails.
Easy to use: This device is easy to use and will definitely elevate your cocktail visually.
The ability to use different ingredients: Yes, you can make ice with QB Kraftz but you can upgrade further and use a little leftover coffee to make coffee tablets, fruits, or ice cream tablets for your next batch of iced tea, etc. more.
Pros and cons

Easy to use

Professional quality stone quickly
Patented design to create quality stone
Insulation allows for slow freezing and slow melting


Shapes take time to form but for good reason
Where to buy QB Kraftz and how much does it cost?
QB Kraftz is easily available on their official website. The company offers a lot of different offers and discounts on the seller’s website and allows for an easier buying cycle.

You can do it,

1 QB Kraftz for $29.99

2 QB Kraftz for $59.98

3 QB Kraftz for $67.48

4 QB Kraftz for $82.47

Final verdict

When it comes to homemade cocktails, the only thing missing is quality handmade ice. You can make delicious cocktails yourself, but now is the time to take them to another level using QB Kraftz. This ice machine is a must-have device for any cocktail designer in the home. Be it for yourself or to impress your date and friends, QB Kraftz allows you to create great stones to use for a variety of cocktails. With hundreds of molds to choose from, you’ll be able to make something different every time you try new cocktails.

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