Prevention of sinusitis in children.

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Sinusitis is a common disease in children, and mothers can completely prevent their children by building an optimal lifestyle and living environment. Learn how to prevent sinusitis in children through the article below.

The best way to prevent children from getting sinusitis is to prevent the disease at home, by preventing respiratory infections in children.

* Limit contact with people with respiratory infections, colds.

Diseases of the respiratory system such as rhinitis, pharyngitis can progress to lower respiratory tract infection or sinusitis. Therefore, we should limit children suffering from these diseases by not letting them come into contact with people who are suffering from respiratory infections or colds.

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* Wash your hands frequently.

Unhygienic hands are the place that can contain up to 4.6 million pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, helminth eggs, etc., easily causing respiratory, hand, foot and mouth infections. Washing hands with soap before eating and after using the toilet can reduce the risk of respiratory infections by up to 35%.

* Clean the nose every day with deep sea water or physiological saline .

Rinse the nose with clean water, physiological saline ddered with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory to help the respiratory system stay healthy.

Using nasal spray products containing deep sea water, in the form of a mist containing many precious minerals such as copper, zinc brings many effects such as washing the nose deep inside. The mist nasal spray form can go deep into the nasal cavity, pushing dirt and bacteria from the nasal cavity out to help the child’s nose always be clean and clear.

* Limit pets in the house.

Many children are allergic to the coat of cats and dogs, which causes the baby’s body to release histamines in the blood that cause fluid to accumulate in the nose leading to mucus production, causing persistent runny nose and sinusitis.

Even without touching them, your baby can also experience this symptom, causing him to sneeze with a stuffy nose. So if your baby often sneezes after playing with cats and dogs, you should not keep them in the house.

* Increase the humidity in the air where children live and study.

Too low humidity can affect the health of children such as causing dry skin, irritation of the respiratory tract and throat, causing dry and itchy eyes, thereby creating conditions for many types of bacteria and mold to grow causing many diseases. respiratory conditions such as sinusitis. So if your child is sensitive or has a history of sinusitis, you can equip a humidifier to ensure the ideal air humidity ranges from 30% to 50% to care for sinusitis patients. .

* Have children wear masks.

Children are susceptible to infection if they come into contact with the virus. Therefore, parents need to protect their children’s health by training them to wear masks when going out, going to kindergartens or public places. Children need to know how to wear a mask properly, cover their nose and mouth to prevent infection of respiratory diseases.

* Keep the house clean and well ventilated to prevent respiratory diseases.

Sanitize frequently touched objects such as doorknobs, surfaces used in the home, children’s toys, etc. with disinfecting services because a place for viruses and bacteria can cause recurrence of symptoms. of rhinosinusitis and some respiratory diseases. Mother should regularly vacuum and clean every day to clean the living space, inhibit the proliferation and spread of disease-causing viruses.

In particular, mothers should vacuum and clean the children’s bedding once a month to kill bacteria and parasites that cause respiratory diseases for children.

In addition, mothers should also limit children’s exposure to technological devices in the home such as mobile phones, computers, keyboards, and televisions because these places contain a lot of disease-causing bacteria.

* Limit feeding your child allergenic foods such as shrimp and crab.

Foods such as shrimp, crab, fried foods are children’s favorite foods, but they are also easy to cause allergies and are not good for children with sinusitis. Instead, mothers should ensure their children’s daily diet with essential nutrients such as protein, fat, fiber and fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges, grapefruits, and lemons to strengthen their resistance. for body.

* Practice for children the habit of exercising every day to improve health.

Mothers should give children the habit of exercising every morning to improve their health, help their lungs be strengthened, and prevent diseases related to the respiratory system that can lead to sinusitis.

* Keep body warm in cold weather.

Cold weather is one of the easy causes of respiratory diseases, especially for children with immature immune systems. So when the weather changes or becomes cold, keep your child’s body warm by wearing warm clothes when going out. At night, don’t turn on the air conditioner, the temperature is too low, cover with a warm blanket and sleep under a mosquito net. body protection.

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