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      Keeping fit is the dream of any girl, it not only meets aesthetic needs but also protects health.

Following a strict diet to stay fit is difficult for many people. Or conversely, gaining weight to make the body less thin and weaker is also a dilemma. However, in our opinion, having a fit body and a resilient health is not so difficult if you practice the following healthy habits.

* 30 minutes of exercise every day if you don’t have enough time.

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Everyone knows how essential exercise is for the body and health of people. If you are a busy person, limited time, busy with family, children, work, don’t worry, just spend 30 minutes a day to exercise and you can keep fit. balance yourself. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, found that exercising for 30 minutes a day helps you lose 25% of your weight.

* Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.

In this busy life, eating fast has become a habit of many people. However, this habit is not healthy and needs to be adjusted. Studies have shown that eating quickly reduces the feeling of fullness, leading to overeating. When your brain doesn’t get the full signal from your stomach, you’ll eat more than your body needs.

* Eating in front of a computer or TV is not good.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, TV food ads, especially junk food ads, increase your appetite and make you eat more. Also, when you eat in front of a computer or TV, you often don’t care how much you ate. This is really not good for your fight to stay fit.

* Do not let the indoor temperature get too warm.

When you’re cold, skeletal muscles contract to generate heat, which the body burns extra calories in the process. So when the whole house is heated, the body will no longer have to regulate its own temperature and we will use less energy.

* Read each food’s label.

Reading the ingredients on food labels can be very helpful in helping you choose a healthy portion size for weight loss.

A newly published study shows that people who regularly read food labels tend to lose weight to stay in better shape, especially women between the ages of 37 and 50.

* Eat more yogurt and nuts.

According to research conducted in the US, eating yogurt and nuts is more effective in the long run for weight loss than eating fruits and vegetables as is still recommended.

* Chili and spices .

Adding chili to your weight loss diet menu also helps to lose weight faster, as they can speed up your metabolism. In addition, pepper has been shown to reduce appetite and burn calories faster.

* Drink more water.

Water is essential to maintain body flexibility and keep fit. Drinking water keeps your body hydrated, creates a feeling of fullness and speeds up your metabolism, helping you lose weight. A clinical trial presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society confirmed that drinking two glasses of water before meals helps a person lose weight and fight obesity.

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