Organs severely affected by diabetes.

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        Diabetes is a very dangerous disease, it not only reduces health, but when complications also affect many parts of the body, causing serious consequences.

* Which parts are affected?

Cardiovascular: Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are closely related. High blood sugar increases the risk of heart attack and coronary heart disease.

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Eyes: When you have diabetes, your eyes are also affected by many organs, because high blood sugar for a long time will damage the small blood vessels in the retina. In addition, the change of veins makes the vessel wall thicker and more brittle, so it is easy to break, reducing the blood supply function to the retina, causing blurred vision. The risk of blindness is high, if not treated well.

Kidney: When blood sugar is high, the kidneys have to work harder and damage the small blood vessels in the nephron, causing kidney function to gradually decline. CKD.

Digestive system: About 50% of patients with diabetes have digestive problems. Common symptoms of patients are loss of appetite, indigestion, frequent bowel movements, but the stools are apple. In addition, the use of the drug also makes the patient more prone to digestive problems.

Skin: High blood sugar, leading to nerves and circulatory system making the skin dry, itchy, wounds harder to heal, if not treated early can lead to gangrene. In particular, high blood sugar is a favorable condition for bacteria and fungi to grow on the skin.

* Prevention of complications.

Patients can prevent complications and protect other organs in the body by taking medication regularly to maintain stable blood sugar, having a reasonable diet and exercise, avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol to ensure health insurance. In particular, regularly check your blood sugar with a home blood glucose meter.

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