One cup of gotu kola juice every day.

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       In Oriental medicine, gotu kola has a lot of good uses for health to help clear heat and poison, good for your health.

* Efficient heat dissipation.

Gotu kola helps to solve the irritability in the body, helping you to balance the internal temperature and cool the body. In addition, in the nutritional composition of gotu kola also contains many vitamins and minerals that have the effect of treating heat rash, itching, pimples, etc.

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How to do: You can use fresh gotu kola 30-100g pounded or ground to drink water daily to help clear heat and detoxify, making your body completely reduce pimples and constipation caused by heat illness.

* Gotu kola helps heal wounds.

* Helps stop bleeding.

In Oriental medicine, gotu kola has the effect of stopping bleeding in cases such as bleeding gums, nosebleeds, vomiting blood, bloody urination, or when women have bleeding. Making; You can use 30g of centella asiatica, sage and cypress leaves for 15g each, and drink water every day for about 3-5 days, the condition will be relieved.

* Healing .

In the nutritional composition of gotu kola has a great effect in supporting rapid wound healing. In addition, in the composition of centella asiatica extract helps to stimulate blood circulation, regenerate cells, reduce inflammation and support faster scar healing.

* Gotu kola helps diuretic.

In addition, gotu kola contains longevity factor that helps fight oxidation to help your skin look younger. In addition, gotu kola has a nourishing effect on the brain and endocrine glands, when you drink gotu kola juice can help improve circulatory system problems, beautify the skin against the aging process.

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