Mistakes when eating mango carry toxins into people.

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     Mango contains many vitamins, minerals, fiber… good for your health, but don’t make these mistakes lest you regret it in time.

* Eat mango on an empty stomach.

One of the mistakes when eating mango is eating on an empty stomach, whether it is a ripe mango or a green mango, you should absolutely avoid it because this can easily make you sick. The reason is that the sour taste of this fruit will irritate the stomach, increasing gastric juice and the risk of intestinal disease, which can easily cause stomach ulcers. Besides, when you eat mango on an empty stomach easily leads to the risk of getting drunk, poisoning affecting your health and digestive system.

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* Drink wine with green mango.

Many men often use green mango to drink alcohol, to stimulate the appetite, and to relieve alcohol. Green mango is also an appetizer, with a sour taste that is easy to catch prey. But unfortunately, most people do not know that green mango contains toxins that when combined with alcohol will create a poison that makes you susceptible to poisoning and destroys your stomach lining. At the same time, when you drink alcohol with green mango, it is easy to cause stomach ulcers.

* The pee eats a lot of mangoes.

In the nutritional composition of a ripe mango is a fruit that contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, if eating too much can increase blood sugar, especially people with diabetes who eat this fruit in what dosage should consult a doctor to protect your health, reduce disease. love.

* People with allergies.

Ripe mangoes are sweet, delicious and contain many vitamins that are good for human health. However, for those who are allergic to urushiol, when in contact with mangoes, it is easy to cause allergies, so stay away. When people have a mango allergy, people who eat it will have symptoms of a mild mango allergy, which may be itching around the mouth and on the lips, burning tongue, dry eyes, hives. Severe symptoms will cause pain in the abdomen, swelling of the lips, difficulty breathing …

* Eat mango when hot in .

According to nutrition experts, mango contains many nutrients that are good for health. But when ripe mango contains a lot of natural sugar, if you suffer from heat illness, or are suffering from heat rash, boils, you should stay away lest the disease aggravate.

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