Many people are afraid of cancer, but do not know that cancer is also “afraid” of these 5 things.

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Everyone is afraid of cancer, but do you know what cancer is afraid of?

Everyone is afraid of cancer because no matter how ordinary, noble or rich they are, there is a possibility of getting the disease. Cancer does not discriminate against age, sex, and the consequences it causes are extremely serious and unpredictable, easily taking the lives of others.

* How do normal cells become cancerous?

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Cancer is a tumor formed by abnormal proliferation or mutation of cells under the influence of many factors, both subjective and objective factors from the environment. Once cancer is formed, it will gradually multiply to a certain extent, then invade, destroy the surrounding tissues and even spread throughout the body, thereby leading to deterioration or loss of function. function of organs in the body. The patient will eventually die from organ failure or systemic failure.

According to research, most cancer patients very rarely go away on their own without treatment, except for a few cases detected when the disease is in the early stages.

Mutations in the body may not be a big deal, but they can also cause disease. If a mutation occurs in an oncogene, then cancer is possible.

However, it should be noted that cancers are not caused by cancer cells in the body, because the body has a strong immune system. The immune system can recognize and destroy abnormal cells and foreign microorganisms in the body, and cancer will not occur at this time. However, some cancer cells aggressively “evade” the immune system.

These cells grow locally without limitation in the body, forming abnormal proliferations and becoming precancerous lesions. At this time, cancer cells have not broken the basic membrane between cells and tissues, so they will not metastasize, and they will be eliminated from the body if the immune system is strong enough.

To prevent the continued growth of cancer cells, we can take the following measures:

1. Not too stressed, tired.

Stress is the leading cause of cancer. Stress leads to overwork and weakness of the body, thereby causing impaired immune function, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders in the body, and deposition of toxic substances in the body. Besides, stress can also lead to mental stagnation, blood stasis, fire poison, etc.

2. Increase physical activity.

Strength training helps to improve immunity. At the same time, exercising a lot in the sun, sweating a lot can excrete toxic substances in the body according to sweat.

3. Regular activities.

People with irregular living habits such as singing karaoke all night, playing mahjong, staying up at night will increase acidification in the body and be prone to cancer. Should form good living habits, to keep in shape and avoid all kinds of cancer.

4. Do not eat toxic food.

Stay away from toxic foods such as contaminated water, crops, moldy foods, expired dates, etc.

Should eat some green organic food (especially green vegetables). Strengthen labor protection, environmental protection and food hygiene, reduce or eliminate carcinogenic factors in the environment.

5. Actively go for annual cancer check-ups.

Everyone has cancer genes in their body, but not everyone will get cancer. When your immune function is low, normal cells are impaired, and cancer cells increase. People with a family history of cancer are best advised to have their body checked twice a year; Healthy people should get tested once a year.

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