Losing weight is extremely easy but many people do not know, the association is lazy but still wants to be beautiful and go to school right away.

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     Just change a few habits in life, you can improve your slimmer, more balanced body already.

Summer is about to knock on the door and if you do not plan to tighten your waist to keep fit, it will certainly be difficult for you to wear beautiful clothes. However, the radical weight loss seems to be a bit difficult to do, especially if you are lazy, sometimes you will want to give up after a few days.

To solve this problem, try to apply some of the following habits to keep your waist slim!

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1. Breakfast with 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Studies have shown that eating boiled eggs in the morning helps to increase the secretion of melatonin hormone at night, thereby improving sleep quality better.

Another report also said that a nutritionist tried to suggest that people who lose weight should eat 2 boiled eggs with 1 cup of milk every morning, and immediately after that they lost 3 kg in 1 month! In addition, eating 2 eggs for breakfast can also add 1/3 of the daily amount of protein needed, this is also a very good choice in your nutrition.

2. Before meals, drink 500ml of warm water.

Drinking a glass of 500ml of warm water about half an hour before eating can reduce 75 calories in each meal and help you lose about 4kg in 3 months. However, you need to be careful not to drink a lot of water within half an hour before a meal to avoid diluting stomach acid, causing bloating.

In addition, a glass of warm water loaded before a meal cannot be drunk quickly, but should be taken slowly with small sips.

3. Eat green vegetables before dinner.

For dinner, try to include the most balanced nutrition possible. You should eat green vegetables first, then protein, and finally a small amount of starch to create a feeling of fullness.

4. Chew well several times before swallowing.

Korean stars with slim bodies always have to chew a lot every time they eat. Some fans even counted how many times the idol chewed while eating. Some people chew up to 32 times for a piece of bread, or others chew a piece of food for up to 10 seconds before swallowing it down.

This eating style will make your brain feel full quickly and want to finish the meal early. Many studies say that chewing well not only increases the feeling of fullness but also helps in better digestion, avoids problems such as indigestion, and helps your health.

5. Brush your teeth right after dinner.

Brushing your teeth can reduce the smell of food stuck in your mouth and will definitely make you less hungry at night. Because eating at night is the cause of obesity very quickly, the more you control your brain, the more effective weight loss will be.

6. Pick a few days of the week to take a hot bath.

A hot bath is a way to help maintain better circulation and metabolism. Choosing the right water temperature will support blood circulation, help you sleep well and avoid edema. Occasionally, take a few days to soak in hot water because it also has a significant effect on weight loss.

7. Actively walk more.

Walking is really a simple but effective exercise in weight loss. Therefore, you should take advantage of any free time in your day to actively walk. After work, walk to the bus stop or if the house is close, walk home. This is also a workout that helps burn a lot of calories that you can apply.

8. Stand more than sit.

For a 54kg person, standing for 1 hour can burn up to 38 more calories than sitting. Try to get up and move, move more instead of sitting still all day if you want to reduce excess calories in the body.

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