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      Keeping the digestive system healthy is protecting your body while the Covid 19 epidemic is raging.

Currently, the Covid epidemic is complicated, in people with underlying diseases and weak immune systems often experience severe symptoms and a high risk of death. Protecting the body from diseases and strengthening resistance is important during this epidemic season.

The digestive system is a very important organ in the body, helping to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins in the body. Therefore, if the digestive system has problems, you will often have diseases such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, stomach ulcers, even stomach cancer.

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Diseases with very unpleasant symptoms, weaken the immune system, greatly affect your health, work as well as your spirit. Therefore, protecting the health of the digestive system is one of the important tasks, the top priority in strengthening the immune system and protecting your body.

* Signs that your digestive system is having problems.

If you feel tired all the time for no reason, you may have a digestive problem. Because when the digestive system has problems, harmful bacteria will thrive, causing digestive disorders, from which the immune system is suppressed and becomes weaker. This leads to the body feeling tired all the time, even if you don’t exercise much or do any heavy work.

* Chronic constipation.

If you only occasionally get constipated, it could be due to a lack of fiber in your diet, dryness, and not drinking enough water. However, if this condition is prolonged, it can be caused by an underactive thyroid gland, stress, anxiety, diabetes, and gastrointestinal diseases such as megacolon, chronic colitis, and colon polyps. colon…

* Bloating and indigestion after eating.

When the digestive system is having problems, bloating, indigestion after eating is the most obvious warning sign. It is the result when the digestive system cannot tolerate certain foods on the menu. When the digestive system has a problem, the microorganisms in the intestines are out of balance, or the number of beneficial bacteria is not enough to overwhelm the harmful bacteria, causing indigestion and bloating.

* To have a healthy digestive system you need to do?

A healthy digestive system will help you absorb enough nutrients and strengthen your resistance during the Covid 19 pandemic.

* Limit stress.

Prolonged stress can damage your body, including your digestive system. Do you adopt a number of ways to reduce stress such as meditation, walking, using aromatic oils, limiting caffeine use, spending time relaxing with family and friends, practicing yoga or petting animals? my babe.

* Sleep early, get enough sleep.

When you lack sleep or do not ensure the quality of sleep, it can affect the gut. You need 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. If you have trouble sleeping, see your doctor for advice and treatment.

* Eat slowly, chew well.

Chewing food thoroughly will make it easier for you to digest, thereby better absorbing nutrients. This plays an important role in ensuring a healthy digestive system and preventing future intestinal problems.

* Drink enough water every day.

One of the simplest ways to promote digestive health is to drink enough water. Drinking enough water every day has a positive effect on the intestinal lining and water helps maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

* A suitable diet, with plenty of fiber.

Limiting high-fat, high-sugar foods and eating more fiber is an effective way to keep your digestive system healthy. In addition, you should increase your intake of vegetables, tubers, fruits and lean meats.

Besides, you avoid skipping meals. Meals throughout the day play an important role in providing energy for you to function. Skipping meals greatly affects the digestive system. When skipping meals, the intestinal tract will contract, and at the same time, the acid produced in the stomach will also decrease, from which the enzymes can stop working. At this time, the digestive system will be under heavy pressure.

A healthy digestive system will help you absorb nutrients well, thereby enhancing your resistance and immune system during the Covid 19 epidemic season, protecting your body from many related diseases. Habits that are harmful to the digestive system such as eating fast food, drinking alcohol, eating hot spicy foods, containing a lot of sugar, sleeping less, stress, if prolonged, will affect the digestive system a lot.

To actively prevent diseases related to the digestive system, you need to limit stress, sleep at the right time, drink enough water, chew well and have a suitable diet.

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