Improve memory impairment in young people.

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       Memory loss disease in young people, also known as goldfish brain, now the rate of young people suffering from memory loss is increasing, which will gradually turn into decline.

* Goldfish brain signs in young people.

According to statistics, up to 91% of people with dementia have not been treated, and 50% of people with dementia have severe dementia 3 years later.

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Language problems: The person may forget simple words or use words out of context.

– Forgetting the location of objects: The patient may put things in completely inappropriate places such as putting shoes in the closet, putting the iron in the refrigerator or leaving a place without remembering where…

– Loss of initiative: Patients may become passive, lose their passion for work, and are not interested in their hobbies.

– Thinking problems: The patient cannot recognize numbers or do simple calculations. The ability to operate and arrange work also decreased.

– Memory decline, if not prevented in time, will have very serious signs of Alzheimer’s disease in the long run.

* Improve “remember to forget to forget”.

* Get enough sleep .

Getting enough sleep plays a very important role in restoring health and memory. Relaxing and getting enough sleep not only helps people regain energy and clarity, but it is also the key to repel the disease of confusion, forgetfulness.

While you sleep, the brain forms new memories and then consolidates and connects them, forming a unified memory network. If you forget where your car keys are, it could be because you didn’t get enough sleep.

* Rest, relax, get away from stress.

Relaxation is a way to regain energy and clarity for everyone. So we need to rest and relax properly. Walking in a place with lots of trees will be much better than lying on the sofa watching TV because while walking, the brain is supplied with more oxygen to help them be stronger and more flexible, limiting the condition of the goldfish’s brain.

* Stay away from substances harmful to the body.

Drinking too much alcohol and stimulants can prevent the transfer of memories from short-term to long-term memory, and increase the risk of brain diseases such as cerebellar atrophy, memory impairment, dementia, and dementia. dementia… In addition, avoid overusing drugs: painkillers, tranquilizers, sleeping pills… will increasingly make our memory decline and is the cause of forgetfulness.

* Do exercise .

We can do physical exercise outdoors such as swimming, walking, cycling, yoga… invigorate and uplift the spirit. In addition, reading books, playing intellectual games such as crosswords, chess, chess, learning a foreign language or playing a musical instrument are also among the best measures to improve brain health.

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