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     When suffering from tension headaches, many people often abuse pain relievers that affect the brain and reduce memory. So what is an effective and safe way to relieve tension headaches?

Tension headaches, also known as stress, are a fairly common phenomenon today. Pressure from life, work, economy, and relationships around gradually puts pressure on each person’s psyche, causing headaches due to prolonged stress. Here are some ways to help you reduce headaches, quickly regain calm and balance for your brain.

* Deep breath .

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Deep breathing is the simplest way to relieve tension headaches. If you form a habit of deep breathing regularly, it also helps you increase your resistance and repel stress, tension, and anxiety.

If you feel a headache, you should choose a quiet, relaxing corner, then sit down and take a deep breath. Observe the constant changing of the mind, maintain the mind in a blank state, focus on each slow breath and do not pay attention to everything around.

* Use herbal tea to relieve headaches.

Herbal tea is a remedy to relieve stress and anxiety that is extremely easy and economical to make. Herbal tea rich in L-theanine. This is an amino acid that helps to avoid stress, calm the nervous system, and strengthen the immune system. Some herbal teas can help you relieve tension headaches:

– Peppermint tea supports natural muscle relaxation, reduces pressure and improves the immune system.

– Green tea prevents anxiety, fights stress, prevents aging and supports the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.

Chamomile tea is anti-inflammatory, cures insomnia, improves stomach problems.

– Passion flower tea dispels depression, soothes the mind and controls symptoms of menopausal depression.

Perilla tea helps improve mood, repel stress, anxiety, agitation, nervousness, enhance memory, treat depression.

– Rose tea helps sleep, relax, improve anxiety, stress.

* Hand massage .

They are very effective when applied to reduce stress, relieve tension headaches, improve blood circulation and control pressure and anxiety. In addition, they also contribute to the prevention of finger-hand pain.

– You grip one finger for at least 60 seconds, then:

– Thumb massage to relieve stress and anxiety.

– Massage the index finger to repel anxiety, nervousness and fear.

– Massage the middle finger to not be confused, angry.

– Massage the ring finger to repel negative emotions.

– Massage the little finger to feel more confident, more self-respecting.

* Use aromatherapy.

The scent of essential oils can help relieve pain, limit stress, insomnia, prevent low blood pressure, reduce hair loss and itchiness. In addition, some essential oils also help enhance short-term memory, improve resistance, and soothe the body.

When pressure from daily life gives you a headache, you should use some essential oils extracted from lemongrass, ylang-ylang, chamomile, lavender, frankincense… to relieve stress, headache, tiring.

* Listen to music .

A cheerful, soothing song or a classical, sweet instrumental music will help you become calmer, more at ease, and more relaxed.

* Rest in moderation.

If you want to limit tension headaches and relax mentally, you just need to sleep for 7-8 hours a day and sleep with a reasonable position. In addition, we can rest and relax without climbing into bed. In fact, certain exercises or naps will improve your brain performance significantly, such as:

– Step 1: Put your hands on the edge of the table and sit down, push the chair away to help stretch the spine.

– Step 2: Place your forehead on your hands for 1-2 minutes to expand your chest and relax your neck and shoulders.

– Step 3: Focus on your own heart rate and breathing

* Healthy eating .

What to eat when stressed? Not only when under stress but also in daily life, a healthy, balanced diet plays an extremely important role for the body.

What to eat to reduce stress? It is recommended to eat foods that reduce stress and fatigue recommended by nutritionists such as: milk, avocado, citrus, blueberries, kiwi, kale, spinach, salmon, cereals, vegetables, seaweed sea, asparagus, sweet potatoes, oats, cereals, herbal teas…

In addition, you should also abstain from refined sugar, fast food, alcoholic beverages and stimulants.

* Meet people who make you feel positive.

When faced with a certain dilemma, we should talk to friends and loved ones for sharing, encouragement, and support rather than taking everything on ourselves.

You can meet in person or call, video call..Open your heart and listen to people’s advice.

* Working scientifically and in moderation.

We can take notes on the schedule, prepare full documents before the start of a new working day or new week to avoid overload on weekends.

What’s more, keeping yourself busy enough can help you stay focused and productive.

* Laugh more every day.

“Laughter is a tonic scale”. No matter how nervous, insecure, or tired you are, try to put on a bright smile even if it’s a forced smile. Because when we smile, the body will release endorphins to help relieve stress and dispel depression.

Sometimes, life needs a little bit of pressure to make life more meaningful. However, you need to know how to relieve pressure, not to let stress last long to avoid some unwanted consequences. Hopefully, through the above article, readers can find for themselves appropriate and effective ways to relieve tension headaches to overcome difficulties and challenges in life, thereby becoming stronger.

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