How to protect eyes from air pollution?

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       Air pollution is becoming more and more complicated. This long-term condition can cause many serious health effects, especially the eyes. So, what do you need to do to protect your eyes from this situation?

Air pollution is becoming more and more serious. The concentration of PM2.5 (fine dust) in these two cities is currently at 102.7 µg/m³. Air quality is maintaining at levels harmful to human health. Thanks to its microscopic size, fine dust can penetrate the human body and affect more people’s health than any other pollutant, even at low concentrations.

* How are the eyes affected when the air is polluted?

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Not only is it harmful to the respiratory and digestive systems… environmental pollution causes serious and direct effects on the eyes.

Specifically, sooty particles and nitrous oxide emitted from cars, manufacturing plants and power plants can cause poisoning, cancer, asthma, etc., especially when these dusts are organic compounds, pesticides. worms, heavy metals… even more dangerous.

In particular, sunlight, wind, dust … caused by air pollution have a direct impact on the eyes, causing eye diseases. Your eyes can suffer from irritation and allergies, cataracts and even cancer.

Environmental pollution causes the eyes to secrete water causing inflammation, red eyes, burning, watery eyes, a lot of discharge; dry, gritty, impaired vision due to watery and itchy eyes.

In addition, dust in the polluted air can cause lumps, discomfort, and even scratches on the cornea if the dust has an angle…

* Protect your eyes from the harmful effects of air pollution.

Protect your family and loved ones from having healthy eyes by avoiding the negative effects of air pollution in various ways.

* Limit to crowded places.

You should avoid exercising in crowded places with lots of traffic. Smoke from vehicles is not good for your eyes.


Besides wearing a mask, when going out, you should equip yourself with glasses to avoid dust from affecting your eyes. If possible, instead of driving, use public transport to limit environmental pollution.

* Scientific and reasonable diet.

A complete, healthy diet will increase your body’s resistance. Accordingly, you should increase vitamin and trace elements through eating foods such as green vegetables, fruits, yogurt. Once resistance is strengthened, your body can fight off diseases.

* House cleaning, living environment.

Keeping the house clean, cool, and circulating air will help limit air pollution. You should open windows in directions away from traffic and other sources of pollution, especially at night. In addition, the home should be equipped with an air purifier to reduce the amount of dust and allergens. When cooking, remember to turn on the hood because during the cooking process can produce contaminants.

In addition to taking the steps to protect your eyes from the above air pollution, when you see abnormal eye symptoms for a long time, you should immediately go to the nearest specialized hospital for examination and treatment. Avoid leaving it for a long time to make the disease worse.

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