How to prevent and treat canker sores.

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How to prevent and treat canker sores.

Canker sores cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience for patients. Let’s learn how to prevent and treat canker sores to enjoy life to the fullest in the article below right now!

How to prevent and treat canker sores.
How to prevent and treat canker sores.

Canker sores are common, often causing burning sensations in the oral cavity. Although not dangerous, it causes a lot of discomfort for patients in eating, drinking and communicating, which reduces quality of life. The following article will help you learn about how to prevent and treat canker sores to enjoy life to the fullest!

* Is mouth sores dangerous?

Canker sores (also known as canker sores) are small, shallow ulcers that are round or oval in shape, white and red around the edges and usually appear on the soft tissues in the oral cavity (gingival, inside of the lips). Although this disease is quite benign, not dangerous, not contagious, it causes burning pain, making it difficult to eat and communicate. In some severe cases, the disease also causes fever, dizziness, etc.

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Usually this condition lasts about 7-10 days, then heals on its own without leaving a scar. However, if you have a sore throat that lasts for more than 2 weeks and is accompanied by symptoms such as fever and convulsions, then you should see a specialist for timely treatment.

According to folk beliefs, the cause of mouth sores is due to the heat in the body or from eating a lot of hot spicy food. According to modern medicine, there is no exact cause for canker sores, these sores can be due to a weakened immune system, invading bacteria, work stress, mouth injuries or changes in the immune system. Hormonal change…

* How does canker sores affect quality of life?

Canker sores are a common disease and do not pose a danger to the patient. However, these red, swollen sores will cause an uncomfortable burning sensation in the oral cavity that affects daily life. When food touches the ulcer, especially hot spicy food, it will cause the ulcer to be strongly irritated, causing burning pain and loss of appetite.

In addition, canker sores also cause pain, making oral hygiene more difficult. This will make the patient psychologically uncomfortable and not confident in communicating. More seriously, if not properly cared for and treated, canker sores will become more and more serious, and even more canker sores may emerge at the same time. This can lead to acute inflammation, high fever, headache, insomnia, digestive upset, and possibly repeated relapses.

* Common types of canker sores .

Minor canker sores: This is the most common form of oral thrush, accounting for nearly 80%. In this form, the lesions are shallow ulcers, red inflamed margins, gray-white bottoms and cause burning pain to the patient. Tiny canker sores often appear in places such as the lips, cheeks, and the base of the mouth. Ulcers will usually be 3mm to less than 10mm in diameter and will usually heal on their own in 7-14 days and leave no scars.

Canker sores: This is the most severe form of canker sores and it accounts for about 10% of the total number of people infected. In this case, the ulcers will be about 1cm – 3cm in size, deeper, with a high raised margin and a white bottom. Canker sores often cause a lot of pain in the lips, soft palate, throat … This condition will usually last up to 6 weeks, often leaving scars and continuous recurrence.

Canker sores Herpes: This is the least common form of canker sores, accounting for about 10% of all cases. Ulcers are usually small, 1-3mm in diameter, but clustered in clusters in a small area or over a large area. This usually goes away after 2 weeks, but it is easy to recur after a short time and can leave scars.

* How to prevent and treat canker sores effectively.

Although canker sores are quite benign and can go away on their own after about 1-2 weeks, having to endure the burning pain for a long time is not pleasant. Here are some safe and effective canker sore treatments:

Using topical gels: This is the most optimal choice today, the advantage of gel oral medications is the ability to create a protective film, good adhesion, local anesthesia, and reduced pain. pain quickly and block the factors that affect the ulcer. Topical gels will help relieve pain quickly, limit infection and shorten treatment time.

Diet and nutrition: This is one of the important factors to help strengthen resistance against pathogens, thereby helping to effectively treat canker sores. Patients need to maintain a diet full of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, folic acid, etc. At the same time, they should limit spicy and hot foods.

Regularly clean your teeth and pay attention to gently brush your teeth, rinse your mouth with diluted salt water 3 times a day. This will help prevent disease-causing bacteria in the mouth.

Maintain a regular exercise routine and have a proper rest and scientific activity to avoid stress and fatigue.

Above are some sharing on how to prevent and treat canker sores to enjoy life to the fullest. Hope to help you get more useful information to take good care of your health!

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