How to improve memory in Alzheimer’s patients.

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      There is no definitive cure for Alzheimer’s disease. To prevent the disease from progressing, it is necessary to note some tips to make it easier for patients to treat the disease.

Alzheimer’s is a dangerous neurological disease, causing severe memory impairment, often occurring in the elderly… But currently scientists have not yet determined the cause of the disease. So how to prevent and improve effective pathology?

* Regular brain activity.

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If you are constantly working under stress, prolonged stress, without training your brain, your body will fall into a state of depression, loss of concentration, etc. Therefore, cognitive-enhancing activities can be useful for Alzheimer’s prevention comes early. You should spend about 15-20 minutes a day playing chess, reading a book, playing a new musical instrument, learning a foreign language, turning the rubik…

* Exercise regularly .

Regular exercise for 30 minutes a day and at least 5 days a week reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 50%. However, exercising every day is not possible for everyone for many reasons. Therefore, to build a regular fitness routine, you should use the following tips: Change your indoor workout location to outdoor, view exercise as a “game” for entertainment, take a leisurely walk while enjoying the view. …

* Social communication.

Observing patients with Alzheimer’s disease, doctors discovered that this disease interferes with social activities. A common sign is that it is difficult to communicate, making them afraid to interact with others. To improve the patient’s ability to communicate, it is necessary to:

– Engage patients in conversations.
– Pay more attention to and remind people with Alzheimer’s disease.
– Communicate a lot using body language.
– Be very patient, keep the volume moderate when talking and do not repeat to avoid distracting the patient.

* Scientific nutrition.

As the body enters the aging process, the threat of Alzheimer’s disease increases. Although the cause of the disease is unknown, scientists recommend having a scientific diet. The meal must be full of necessary nutrients, do not abuse stimulants, eat more foods that are good for the brain such as salmon, nuts, green vegetables, etc.

* Get enough sleep .

Sleep disorders increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Too much sleep can be the cause and early symptom of Alzheimer’s dementia. Therefore, sleeping for 8 hours a day and having deep sleep is an effective disease prevention. Try to build yourself a fixed time for sleep: Go to bed and wake up at the same time.

In addition, to make it easier to fall asleep, you should avoid using tea or coffee before bedtime, turn off electronic devices and do light exercise before bedtime.

* Stress control.

When the body is stressed / stressed, it will produce a lot of free radicals. Those free radicals will continuously attack and cause many bad effects on the body such as skin, nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, etc.

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