How to help reduce fever quickly from folk.

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        Fever is a phenomenon you can experience at any time when the body has erratic changes. Remember the ways to help reduce fever quickly below so that you don’t need medicine

1. Ways to reduce fever quickly from folklore.

– Let the child drink basil juice.

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How to help reduce fever quickly with basil. Basil is not only an aromatic herb served with many delicious dishes, but also a valuable medicine in Eastern medicine with its effective sedative, stress relief, fever, and depression effects.

Method: Boil 20 basil leaves + 1 teaspoon minced ginger + 200ml water.

Effect: Drinking continuously for 3 days, the child’s fever symptoms will quickly stop.

– Apply fresh lemon.

This is an effective way to reduce fever applied to children who have a fever from 38 degrees and need to bring down the fever quickly.

How to do: This is a very simple way to reduce fever, cut a lemon into thin slices and apply it on your forehead, elbows, legs and along the spine to help your child quickly lower the fever.

Mothers should note that lemon should not be applied to scratched and damaged skin because it can cause the baby to itch and sting.

– Wrap onion, apply left hand.

Applying onions under the left wrist will make the body cool down because under the left wrist there are acupuncture points and tendons.

How to do it: Mother used a towel or a large bucket of the child to wrap 1/4 of an onion (finely chopped) and put it on the left hand.

– Perilla leaves.

Perilla leaves are one of the famous herbs in ways to help reduce fever quickly for babies. Because perilla leaves have the effect of warming the body, sweating and eliminating toxins.

How to do: Just a small bowl of porridge, sprinkle a few stalks of chopped perilla leaves for the baby to eat, the baby will sweat and quickly reduce the fever. This method can be applied to babies very safely.

– Turmeric .

That is why mothers should take advantage of turmeric and spices in the kitchen because using turmeric is a way to help reduce fever quickly for children.

Method: Mother mix 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder + 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper powder and 200ml of hot milk. Give the child 2 times a day (this method only applies to children 10 years and older).

2. Some notes when having a fever.

– Wear cool clothes, avoid wearing too many clothes or wearing tight clothes.

Drink lots of water and orange juice to prevent dehydration and increase resistance.

– Rest properly, avoid heavy work.

Eat lots of dark green, leafy vegetables.

– If the fever is over 40 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to take the patient to a medical facility immediately for early treatment to avoid bad complications.

Note that the above ways to help reduce fever quickly apply only to low-grade fever children, in case of high fever children need to quickly take fever-reducing medicine .

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