How to have a clean, healthy meal.

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         “Eat clean” is everyone’s desire and is now quite popular all over the world. However, not everyone knows how to eat clean properly. It is not only a diet but also a healthy lifestyle that helps protect health.

The basic principle of clean eating is to choose foods in their most natural state, choosing foods as close to their natural form as possible.

Choose fresh meats over frozen ones, and fresh fruits instead of dried ones. Avoid packaged, canned, and packaged foods and go for fresh and clean foods instead.

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* When away from foods that have gone through many stages.

When you process things like chips, cookies, and ready-to-eat foods, you’re eliminating excess calories, sugar, salt, and saturated fat.

* Eat more whole grains.

Refined carbs, like white bread, pasta, and white rice often lose nutrients during manufacturing. Therefore, you should eat whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice and other whole grains like oatmeal, popcorn, barley.

Natural foods like vegetables and fruits are two key elements of clean eating. Replace canned juice with fresh fruit. Canned varieties contain less fiber and more sugar. You should eat at least 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, depending on how many calories you need and your level of physical activity.

* Pay attention to the amount of salt and sugar loaded into the body.

You should cut back on processed foods that contain excess salt and sugar. Be sure to read the information on the packaging carefully to make sure this food is not added with sweeteners or salt.

Spice up your food with natural herbs and spices instead.

* Remove artificial ingredients.

Ingredients such as artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives and other artificial ingredients are not good for a clean diet. Read food labels to identify artificial ingredients in that food.

* Drink a lot of water .

You should use low-calorie beverages such as water and herbal tea instead of sugary soft drinks. Not only can water quench your hunger, making you feel full, but it can also help overcome fatigue and give you more energy.

You can also add flavor to your drinking water with a slice of lemon or mint leaves.

* Limit alcohol and caffeine intake.

Experts recommend that no more than 400 mg of caffeine per day is recommended. With alcohol, stop at one section for women and two for men.

* Use organic food.

Using organic food is the best way to eat clean. Pesticides often coat the outside of fruits and vegetables, so you can choose to eat organic foods without the skins like avocados, corn, and onions.

* Choose the right meat and dairy foods .

Meat, dairy foods and eggs can be derived from animals with growth hormones and antibiotics in the breeding process. Therefore, clean eaters will choose organic food or humanely raised local food sources, ie without the use of the aforementioned substances.

Seafood isn’t labeled as organic, so choose seafood that’s low in mercury. The cleanest method to provide protein for the body is still from nuts and beans.

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