How to find my USAA bonus points

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How to find my USAA bonus points

Credit card companies like USAA partner with card issuers like American Express and Visa and offer perks such as refunds and points to use for travel and retail purchases. However, USAA credit cards are only available to military personnel and families. Their website lists the different types of cards available, including usaa rewards’ American Express Card and their USAA Rewards Visa Signature Card. Both currently have the same variable APR that can vary (9.9 percent to 25.9 percent) and redeemable USAA Reward points.

How to find my USAA bonus points
How to find my USAA bonus points

USAA Rewards Service Center

Usaa’s website explains that cardholders earn USAA Reward Points depending on the type of reward card they have. For example, they can choose from military associate visas and visas. The form of purchase that the card manufacturer also specifies the number of points that can be earned. Eating and buying gasoline gets two points for the Visa and one point for the military-linked visa; all other purchases earn a point for both cards.

There is no limit to the number of points you can earn. These USAA Reward Points can be redeemed for purchasing airfare, yacht tickets, merchandise and gift cards, charitable contributions (to participating charities), and cash rewards credited to your credit card account or CHECK account and/or USAA savings account.
To see what your Reward Points balance is, visit usaa’s website and visit their USAA Reward Service Center; Only members have access to this. You’ll need to enter your username and password. You can also call them at 1-800-980-USAA (8722).

USAA Reward Points eligibility

USAA offers a wide range of financial products and services and is known for providing service members and their families with some good perks, such as free USAA membership and access to their credit card rewards program. Membership is reserved for active service members, enlisted servicemen, Reserve and National Guard officers, honorable demobilized veterans, immediate family members, some officer candidates, contract practitioners, and lieutenants.
To be eligible for a USAA credit card, you must register as an online member and provide a date of birth, Social Security number, contact information, and any information about your military service (or family member). Once you’ve been accepted, you can sign up for one of their cards and see what other types of products and discounts they offer.

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The top military credit cards offer points that include two of the USAA Rewards credit cards. Cardholders earn points and rewards on eligible purchases, but not when cash advances, balance transfers, tax payments, truck stop transactions, financial fees, and other non-purchase fees. This is common with all credit cards that offer these types of perks.

Learn more about USAA Rewards Points

If you want to redeem points for air travel, you’ll have to book in advance through the USAA Service Center – they work with most airlines. However, if you don’t have enough points to cover the ticket(s), you can pay the difference or charge on your card.

However, there are other rules in place, so be sure to read them and ask plenty of questions if you need to when booking. Travel rewards on their yachts work a little differently. This is done through a discount that will be credited (for five to seven business days) to your account after booking.
For redeeming gift cards, the selection changes during the year, so you can go online at any time to see what’s available. The number of points required to receive a cash reward also varies, so make sure to visit the Service Center and check the current conversion level. If you want to donate to charity, the USAA Reward Center lists their participating charities, which may also change over time.

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