How to clean indoor air during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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        With the current social distancing situation, most people spend up to 60% of their time indoors, so the indoor air must always be fresh and clean so as not to affect your health. Here are 4 ways to clean indoor air during the COVID-19 season, please refer to it!

Currently the air in big cities of Vietnam is polluted with a high amount of dust, don’t be indifferent because diseases can strike at any time, especially in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Get this complicated. Below, Long Chau Pharmacy will share with you 5 ways to clean the indoor air during this epidemic season!

1. Plant air-purifying plants in and around the house.

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Trees are an important element to create oxygen to sustain life. In addition, the air purification function brought by trees is also very important to our world.

First of all, when it comes to how to clean the air in the house, it is impossible not to mention how to plant trees. Growing indoor plants is like “buying” a set of natural air and dust filters, especially in the current period of serious air pollution, they play a role in maintaining humidity in our home and against certain substances harmful to health.

One note when choosing houseplants is green and large leafy plants, plants that do not have flowers and pollen to limit pollen allergies or insects into the house.

2. Keep your home’s air fresh.

The next way to clean the indoor air is to open the windows more so that your home space receives natural air sources. However, if your house does not have windows, you can use a ventilation system to regulate the air in your home!

Air circulation in the home is an extremely important factor. You should not close the door of the house all day, because the amount of new oxygen from the outside cannot get into the house, and the carbon dioxide that you emit is not released out.

In addition, a ventilation system will give you quick results with fresh air circulating in one or more spaces and removing polluted air. Air pollution is when it contains bacteria, viruses, dust, odor-causing molecules, allergens …

Simply by opening the window to let the home space receive natural air or using the ventilation system, you can make the room more comfortable and clean.

3. Use air conditioners with ion generators to filter the air.

Currently, almost the use of air conditioners has become very widespread and familiar to every family. Therefore, choosing an air conditioner with the ability to filter the air is also a way to clean the air in the house very interesting and convenient for you.

Air conditioners have integrated functions of both regulating the temperature and removing dust and dirt in the air, disabling attached microorganisms and eliminating odors of adhesive substances on objects, neutralizing bacteria and viruses. virus at the filter, … too convenient for you, when you buy 1 get like 10.

4. Use an air purifier.

Another extremely effective way to clean the indoor air that cannot be ignored is to own an air purifier for your family.

An air purifier is a device capable of filtering dust and dirt in the air through standard dust filters, removing allergens, odors, and molds, thanks to ion generation technology, some products also has the feature of catching mosquitoes, creating humidity for living space… This is a great helper to help you purify the air in your house.

5. Regularly clean the house.

One of the ways to clean the air in your home is to clean your home regularly to avoid mold and dirt in the house, which is also an effective way to keep the air in your home clean and clear. heal.

Mold and dirt often appear in places such as bathrooms, attics, basements or on wood, carpets or surfaces. Mold and dirt are the main causes of allergy symptoms, sensitivities and itching for you and your family. Therefore, you should keep the indoor humidity below 60% to avoid mold.

Places that frequently use water such as bathrooms and sinks should not allow standing water. The bathroom should be opened frequently to become dry. As for the sink, when there is a dirty dish, wash it immediately, avoid leaving it overnight, it will cause an unpleasant smell.

Above is how to clean the air in the house always fresh and clean that Long Chau Pharmacy shares with you. Hope you will choose the right air purifier to protect your health as well as your family members during this epidemic season!

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