How to brighten your eyes after giving birth.

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        Postpartum women’s bodies are very sensitive and do not reach the best state of health.

Therefore, the parts are very vulnerable to damage without proper care. Eyes are also a sensitive part that is very susceptible to problems with vision loss after birth. Therefore, you should equip yourself with ways to brighten your eyes after giving birth to quickly restore your vision to its original state.

In addition to markedly weakened health, external environmental factors affect, which is also the reason why women’s eyes after giving birth are not “clear” as they were at first. If not cared for well, it is easy to have eye problems such as allergic conjunctivitis, impaired vision, etc.

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* How are women’s eyes during pregnancy and postpartum affected?

During pregnancy and after giving birth for a long time, a woman’s body undergoes significant changes. Due to hormonal changes and living processes, the eyes are very susceptible to vision loss. Many women are still “workaholic” during this time, causing their eyes to not get enough rest, leading to more frequent eye fatigue.

In addition to focusing on high-intensity work, women’s eyes during pregnancy and postpartum are easy to encounter problems: Swollen eyes, dry eyes, … even susceptible to some diseases affecting vision such as: Myopia, astigmatism, pregnancy retina… from the 30th week of pregnancy onwards, the phenomenon of water retention (edema) affects the cornea.

During labor, the eyes continue to suffer many effects in childbirth. During the process of giving birth, at the bottom of a woman’s eyes, there may be a few complications such as: bleeding in the macular area, bleeding in the inner, lower, anterior, retina causing rapid vision loss.

As can be seen, these effects all greatly affect the retina, the most important part of the eye, thereby causing a marked reduction in vision. In particular, more dangerous injuries can easily lead to the risk of blindness if there is no way to take care of the eyes in the first place.

After giving birth, the mother’s health deteriorated when she had to stay up late and get up early to take care of her baby. In addition, the amount of supplementary nutrition for the mother is not adequate due to many objective and subjective reasons that make women’s eyes not see as clearly as usual. Therefore, women are also prone to dark circles, swelling, unstable spirits, and gradually weakening eyes if not well taken care of.

* How to brighten your eyes after giving birth, mothers should pocket.

* Betel leaves are not .

After giving birth, a woman’s eyes with betel leaves will reduce redness and darkening. During the birthing process, in some cases, blood vessels burst in the eyes, causing redness and swelling of the eyes. In addition, because the health of women after giving birth is quite weak, the eyes are prone to blurred vision, night blindness… In betel leaves also contains a form of phenol called chavicol, which has a very good disinfecting effect. So for women, betel nut is very useful for health, especially cleaning and bright eyes.

* Use tea bags.

Reducing eye fatigue with green tea bags is very suitable for postpartum women because of its safety and low irritation. Tannin in green tea bags helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles, thereby helping to brighten eyes every day. In addition, using this method is also great for women who want to take care of the skin around the eyes.

How to do it: Pour hot water into two tea bags, then wait 5 to 7 minutes, then put in the refrigerator to cool. Take it out and put it on both eyes, relax for about 15 minutes and then rinse with water. Perform this postpartum eye lightening with a frequency of about 2 times / week to bring the best effect.

* Complete nutritional supplements.

Postpartum women necessarily need to supplement with foods that help increase blood circulation for good eye health and quick recovery. Choose foods such as citrus fruits, whole grains, and dark green vegetables in the opinion of experts to increase the strength of the mother after giving birth. In addition, you should add foods rich in zinc such as: peas, red meat, oysters, poultry …

Should provide vitamin A for postpartum women such as: Carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc. to help enhance eyesight and make eyes brighter. In addition, it is necessary to supplement the necessary nutrients for mothers, so that the body’s health is quickly improved.

* Get enough sleep .

Most mothers after giving birth do not get enough sleep due to the process of taking care of the baby. Poor, unsecured sleep will only cause the body not to have time to recover, it also leads to eyes that are not rested and restored after a long tiring day.

If you don’t sleep enough 7 to 8 hours, your eyesight will quickly decrease over time. Mothers should practice for themselves the habit of getting enough and quality sleep. In addition, you can also take advantage of naps during the day when your baby sleeps.

* Massage eyes gently and properly.

Postpartum women should massage their eyes regularly, at least once a day. Do about 10 minutes each time gently and properly to get the blood circulating. Create a relaxing space for the eyes to reduce fatigue and be more refreshed. Can be combined with the use of a warm compress to help the eyes increase blood circulation in the eye area. This is also a simple way for postpartum women to make their eyes brighter every day.

The mother’s body at this time is very weak, so it is advisable to take steps to lighten the eyes after giving birth gently to avoid unnecessary harm. If you have any unusual symptoms in your eyes, you should immediately consult a doctor so that the disease can be detected and treated promptly.

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