How should office workers exercise to prevent obesity?

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     Spending an average of 8 hours a day at work, office workers seem to have no time to exercise, leading to negative health effects. How should they exercise to prevent common diseases like being overweight?

* Sitting a lot, many diseases – especially overweight and obesity.

The characteristics of desk workers are often in an air-conditioned environment, drinking little water, unscientific activities, loaded with greasy, poor nutrition. Gradually, they experience symptoms such as pain in the shoulders and neck, low back, stiff neck, varicose veins of the lower extremities, vision loss or digestive diseases, etc.

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In the long term, it will be easy to suffer from dangerous diseases such as obesity, blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, memory loss or anxiety, depression due to lack of exercise.

The process of urbanization, climate change, changes in food diversity, lifestyle and eating habits are believed to be the causes that lead to the fact that urban people, the part of the intellectual workforce, are sedentary. rapidly becoming overweight.

* Find ways to be active to prevent overweight.

According to WHO recommendations, adults 18-64 years old should spend at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity physical activity or more, meaning office workers need to make the most of their time and variety of methods. method to train the body.

* Focus on fat loss, muscle gain, kickstarting healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

Aiming to encourage Vietnamese to improve their health, California Fitness & Yoga Center introduces a Special Edition of the California Fitness Challenge 2021 – a completely free 8-week weight loss program that helps contestants have positive changes in health and spectacular changes in body shape.

Besides body mass index (BMI), we need to consider body fat index (PBF) to know which types of exercise we should prioritize to optimize fat loss and muscle gain. The program will provide a methodical training schedule to help participants achieve their fitness goals, prevent dangerous diseases such as obesity and overweight, and cultivate knowledge about a balanced and scientific diet.

With approximately 1.5 million pounds of fat per year that center members have successfully lost over the past 10 years, participating in the Special Edition of the California Body Transformation Challenge 2021 will be a great start to living a healthy and maintain shape. Focusing on the goal of inspiring 90 million Vietnamese people to practice, California Fitness & Yoga is looking for 20,000 people to jointly set a world record for the largest number of body-changing participants in the world. Accordingly, participants will receive 2 months of free membership, group PT classes and be enrolled in the community of people who have created this proud record.

* Move more at work:

Experts recommend that after about 30 minutes to up to 1 hour of concentration, people should change their posture, stretch their shoulders, relax their joints, spine or breathe deeply. If possible, take the stairs instead of taking the elevator, take advantage of walking to places to play and eat near the office.

* More sports outside of working hours:

Depending on living conditions, age and physical condition, people who sit a lot can choose sports such as jogging, badminton, swimming, football, etc. to enhance their body flexibility, eat well and sleep peacefully. and more alert.

In short, to prevent dangerous diseases to health arising from the “sitting a lot” of the working world, be active, walk and exercise more. Change starts with awareness, so start getting physically active from the suggestions above.

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