Healthy eyes every day thanks to proper eye massage at home.

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       Age, life pressure makes the eyes increasingly weak and degraded if not taken care of carefully. To have healthy, beautiful eyes without spending money, immediately apply the following  ways to properly massage your eyes at home.

Owning beautiful healthy eyes is the desire of most people, especially women. But every day the eyes have to work continuously plus life pressure, age, unhealthy living habits have made the eyes increasingly weak, vision loss and rapid deterioration.

In particular, the skin around the eyes is a location that is very susceptible to aging and the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, you not only need to focus on taking care of the “window to the soul” but also always take care of the skin around the eyes to prevent premature aging and maintain youthfulness.

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To improve this situation, you can apply the correct way of eye massage by hand, which is both inexpensive, easy to perform, and brings unexpected results.

* What is the effect of eye massage?

* Prevent eye diseases.

Unhealthy living habits, high exposure to electronic devices make the eyes overloaded and the risk of eye diseases such as visual impairment, dizziness, eye fatigue, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism. eye… Performing eye massage methods regularly will help control and prevent eye diseases effectively.

* Reduce wrinkles, help bright eyes healthy.

The skin around the eyes is very thin and easily affected by external influences. Applying the right eye massage in combination with intensive eye care products will help this skin area become smooth, remove dark circles and prevent wrinkles from appearing.

* Relax, stimulate eye circulation.

Massaging the eyes and the skin around the eyes is an effective way to relax the eyes and stimulate circulation. Proper massage techniques help improve microcirculation of eye tissue, regulate eyelid muscles, help stimulate cells, tissues, and oxygen transmission network.

* Top  ways to massage your eyes properly at home.

* Massage helps reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Dark circles and eye bags make you lose confidence, in addition to ice massage to reduce dark circles, do the following very good massage

First, wash your hands thoroughly before starting the massage. Then, use the tip of the index finger placed on the lower eyelid to gently massage from the lower eyelid to the temple in the direction from the inside to the outside. This movement should be performed continuously 15-20 times to reduce puffiness significantly.

* How to massage to reduce eye strain.

Regularly working with computers and smartphones makes your eyes always in a state of pain. If the eyes are sore for a long time without treatment, it can cause vision loss, lack of vitality and many other consequences. Immediately following the eye massage method will help effectively improve the pain condition.

First, use your middle finger to gently massage the bridge of your nose and eye sockets. Next, place your thumb on the tip of your eye, place your index finger on the corner of your eye close to your eyebrow, and rotate for about 20-30 seconds.

Finally, end the massage process by gently massaging the temples with your index and middle fingers.

* The way eye massage helps to reduce the degree of .

Can massage reduce myopia? It sounds hard to believe, but it’s actually possible. Some of the right eye massage methods will help the eyes relax, prevent eye fatigue and help blood circulation better. As a result, the eyes will be healthy and can reduce myopia.

First, warm your hands by rubbing your palms together. Then, apply 2 palms to your eyes and hold for about 10 seconds, perform 3 times. Next, roll your eyes in a clockwise direction and again in the opposite direction to relax your eye muscles and dispel fatigue.

* Proper eye massage helps reduce eye fat.

Puffiness appearing on the eyelids is not uncommon. Many people have to spend a lot of money to have plastic surgery to remove fat without knowing how to massage this completely natural fat reduction.

To reduce fat in the upper eyelid, perform the movement using 2 ring fingers to raise the eyelid close to the eyebrow. This action will help blood vessels to easily circulate, improving the elasticity of both the muscles and the skin of the eyes.

With the lower eyelid, lift your eyes upwards and roll in circles slowly. Then, close your eyes and use your ring finger to gently stroke from the inside out. For each movement, you should do it continuously for at least 30 times to get good results.

* How to massage to remove wrinkles around the eyes.

Wrinkles are the reason why women are sad because they are “a decade old”. So how to blow away these ugly wrinkles. Revealing an extremely effective Japanese way of eye massage to remove wrinkles, please apply immediately.

Very simple, just use 2 ring fingers to gently swipe from the corner of the eye to the temples, quickly and continuously. These eye massage exercises will help blood vessels circulate better, push toxins out, and naturally lift facial muscles, limiting sagging skin or creating wrinkles.

Perform 5-10 times per night combined with eye cream or anti-wrinkle cream to help remove wrinkles quickly.

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