Habits that make men gain weight

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       Drinking less water, skipping meals or not getting enough sleep can all contribute to obesity in men.

Due to the daily routine and the nature of work, many people often do not pay attention to exercise and health care. Many mistakes men don’t realize until they see the damage. GQ Mexico has listed some things men need to be wary of.

1. Not drinking enough water:

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According to studies published at the National Institutes of Health, people who drink water before breakfast consume fewer calories than those who don’t. Water helps the body function properly, promoting digestion and absorption of nutrients. In addition, men need to give up the habit of drinking coffee or soft drinks because it makes belly fat worse. Photo: alayam.com

2. Lack of sleep:

Several studies have shown that sleep deprivation is strongly linked to weight gain. In fact, fatigue will reduce a person’s motivation to exercise and morale. On the other hand, lack of sleep often causes the accumulation of visceral fat. Therefore, people need to get enough sleep so that the body can rest. Photo: proman.

3. Sitting a lot:

Researchers found that people who sit a lot are more likely to be overweight as well as other chronic diseases. In addition, this habit also increases the risk of premature death. If you regularly sit in front of the computer, try getting up and exercising at different times of the day. Photo: freepik.com

4. Skipping meals:

People who skip breakfast are more likely to gain weight or become obese. This happens because of metabolic problems that arise when there is a lack of nutrition. You absolutely must not skip meals. If you are afraid of gaining weight, choose fresh green foods like vegetables instead. Photo: an7a.

5. Eating too fast:

This condition occurs in most busy people. A study from the University of Rhode Island found that slow eaters consumed less food than fast eaters. Therefore, eating too quickly causes the amount of food to be absorbed into the body more than necessary, leading to overweight. Photo: The Guardian.

6. Having a group of friends who eat a lot:

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that if a friend or partner overeats, you’re 57% more likely to do so. However, you can incorporate exercise every day to avoid weight gain.

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