Habits that are good for the skin.

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      Winter’s cold and dry air can wreak havoc on your skin, making it dry, itchy, and easily irritated. But with some beneficial habits below can help you protect your skin against the harshness of winter.

* Shower properly.

* Adjust shower frequency:

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When bathing, the amount of natural oils on the skin will be lost more or less. This natural oil not only moisturizes but also protects the skin from damage that causes further dryness. Bathing too much will strip away more natural oils than the skin can replace, which in turn causes the skin to dry out. Bathing for too long or too often can also cause this problem. Each bath should not last more than 10-15 minutes and should not be bathed more than once a day.

* Take a warm bath:

Similar to bathing for too long or too often, the high temperature of the bath water can also strip the skin of its natural oils and make it dry. You should adjust the water temperature to a slightly warm level if you want to avoid irritating your skin.

Most people don’t have a bath thermometer, so how do you know how much hot water is too hot? As a general rule, test the water temperature on the most sensitive part of your skin (like the inside of your wrist), otherwise keep the water as cold as you can tolerate.

Avoid soaps that contain harsh cleansers: Soaps designed to deal with oily skin or severe pH imbalances can irritate sensitive skin. Look for soaps formulated for sensitive skin or soaps that are moisturizing.

Let skin dry naturally or pat dry: Gently dry skin after bathing. Rubbing a towel too hard on the skin can cause the skin to become too dry due to irritation and loss of too much natural moisture. Should allow the skin to dry naturally if possible, otherwise, just use a soft, clean towel to dry.

Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing: Immediately after bathing, you should apply at least a thin layer of moisturizer. This step helps to replace the natural oils lost in the shower and helps keep moisture in the skin while you shower.

* Maintain moisture in the air.

Dry air will reduce the moisture of the skin, so increasing the humidity in the house will help the skin retain moisture. Putting a small humidifier in your bedroom at night can make you feel more comfortable. However, you need to be careful to ensure that the humidity in the house is not too high because too much humidity causes mold and also affects health adversely.

* Protect skin when outdoor activities.

In winter, the dry air will often cause the skin to lose a lot of moisture, especially if you do not cover your skin. So when going out, use a scarf or hat, and a mask to cover your face and protect your skin from the harsh winter air.

When outdoors, use sunscreen to protect your face from dangerous UV rays. You should also protect the skin in the lip area by using a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15.

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