Green foods are good for exercisers.

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         Asparagus, avocado, cauliflower… are good green foods for people who regularly exercise.

* Cucumber .

Did you know that in 226g of cucumber, there are 3.8g of carbs, 4g of starch, of which is 0.6g of fiber, 1.8g of sugar, 1.4g of starch. Not only is it a familiar, easy-to-buy and easy-to-eat food, but it also has a very good effect on muscle formation and development. Especially the substances molybdenum, potassium have the effect of promoting muscle strengthening.

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In addition, cucumber contains a lot of vitamin C, which prevents the aging process, enhances collagen production, and regulates immunity. Vitamin K in cucumbers will help wounds heal faster and increase the flexibility of muscles when exercising. So this is the perfect green vegetable for bodybuilders.

* Broccoli .

According to the medical association, every 226g of broccoli contains 6g of carbs, of which 2.4g is fiber, 1.5g sugar, 2.1g starch. Cauliflower is not only a vegetable with a cool, sweet, aromatic taste, a lot of water, easy to eat, but it also contains many nutrients with 20 different active ingredients. Especially the ingredients in broccoli help bodybuilders reduce swelling, reduce inflammation for muscles, and prevent free radical activity, very good support for the digestive system as well as reducing the risk of cancer.

* Celery .

It was found that in 226g of celery, it contains 3g of carbs with 1.6g of sugar, 1.4g of fiber and absolutely no starch. 95% of the composition of celery is water. In addition, celery contains up to 10 special premium nutrients that promote digestive function, fight inflammation and protect the heart. Therefore, this is an extremely good food for muscles.

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