Food anti-aging skin should be added daily.

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       Let’s take a look at 10 foods that contain anti-aging ingredients that you should add to your daily diet.

To effectively prevent the aging process, the addition of foods plays an important role. Here are the anti-aging skin products as well as nourishing a healthy fresh skin that you definitely should not ignore.

* Kale – Top anti-aging food.

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Kale is one of the green vegetables that contain a lot of Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These are two types of Carotenoids that help increase elasticity and nourish healthy skin. These two nutrients are also important lipid components under the skin, helping to protect the skin from the wavelengths of sunlight, limiting factors that adversely affect the skin.

* Dark Chocolate.

Chocolate is a familiar food and is loved by many people. Not only has a delicious taste, Chocolate also has the ability to anti-aging for the body when we use it at a reasonable level. This dish contains many antioxidants, which reduce inflammation caused by UV exposure, help increase blood circulation and moisturize the skin.

In addition, in dark chocolate also contains a lot of magnesium – an active anti-inflammatory. This ingredient is effective in reducing stress, improving sleep quality. A good and deep sleep contributes to slowing down the aging process. One thing you need to keep in mind is to check the amount of sugar in the chocolate bar you use. Because when you tolerate too much sugar in Chocolate, it will easily harm your skin and make you obese.

* Cinnamon, Cloves and Turmeric.

Spices not only help dishes become more delicious but also work in slowing down the aging process. Cloves and cinnamon contain lipoic acid – a powerful antioxidant compound. This ingredient also boosts the production of antioxidants and removes metals that cause signs of aging on the skin.

In addition to cloves and cinnamon, another spice that helps fight skin aging is turmeric. This root is quite famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is used in many masks to help beautify the skin. In particular, turmeric is effective in fading dark spots, brightening the skin, helping to keep skin healthy, limiting signs of aging.

* Walnuts .

Walnuts are one of the nuts that are rich in nutrients as well as high in antioxidants. In particular, walnuts also provide higher Omega-3 than other nuts. Walnuts are a great choice for great anti-inflammatory snacks to help beautify the skin.

Walnuts also promote gut health. The health of the gut microbiome is related to the condition of the skin. When the health of the intestinal system is stable, the skin will be in a state of homeostasis.

* Grape .

Grapes are delicious and succulent fruits that are loved by many people. Grapes also contain Resveratrol, an antioxidant that promotes heart health. This compound also protects collagen from free radicals and blood vessels. Collagen helps protect skin elasticity to help keep skin radiant and full of life.

* Pomegranate .

Pomegranate contains a lot of ellagic acid. This is a compound that effectively prevents the formation of wrinkles on the skin naturally. According to experts, this ingredient helps prevent collagen breakdown, tighten skin and limit inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays. The ellagic acid in pomegranate slows down the chain reaction of skin aging caused by inflammation.

* Bioproducts .

Probiotic strains can prevent or reduce UV-induced skin damage. These strains have been shown to maintain a lower pH of the skin, while helping to scavenge harmful free radicals.

* The coffee .

According to many recent studies, drinking coffee every day reduces the risk of skin cancer. According to the results of a study in the European journal Cancer Prevention, women who drank coffee every day had about a 10 percent lower risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancer. However, you should not abuse drinking too much coffee during the day. Caffeine contained in coffee will easily make you sleep disturbance, affecting health.

* Slow cooking bond soups .

Bone broth makes food delicious and naturally sweet. In addition, this is also a food that helps slow down the skin aging process. Bone broth contains abundant collagen. The addition of collagen to the body will help reduce dry skin affected by the sun. This is a food that you should regularly add to help protect and take better care of your skin.

* Salmon .

Salmon is rich in Omega-3 ingredients that work to nourish the skin to stay young and healthy. Omega-3 prevents skin inflammation when exposed to ultraviolet rays. This ingredient acts as a natural sunscreen, helping to prevent sunburn. Omega-3 not only helps nourish the skin effectively and healthy, but also good for the cardiovascular system.

Diet is closely related to the process of maintaining healthy skin and limiting the aging process.

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